Creator Share Rises to 85%; Leaderboard Prize Pool Gets a Big Increase

Feb 21, 2018 · 2 min read

In keeping with Synereo’s mission to empower creators and ensure they receive a fair share of the attention they generate, and on the heels of the Creator Program just launched, WildSpark creators will now receive 85% of each amplification. The remaining 15% will be divided between curators, with a small portion going to the weekly leaderboard prize pool.

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Synereo is also making some significant changes to the weekly leaderboard contest. Until now, the top 20 Amplifiers received a prize, and also split the leaderboard’s prize pool, which increased every time content was Amplified.

However, as more users have joined WildSpark and exchanged AMP, the Liberated Attention Economy has grown dramatically. So much so, that the leaderboard prize pool has increased enough to accommodate and benefit more participants.

The prizes for the top 20 leaderboard winners (ranging from 2000 to 250 AMP) will remain the same. However, from now on, the prize pool will be distributed progressively — the bigger the prize pool, the more participants win.

Additionally, Amplifications made by verified creators supporting their own works will now be entirely redirected to the pool while still contributing to their position in the Trending view.

Synereo is going to continue refining the AMP distribution model as more users join the platform and as we add more features and ways to use AMPs.


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Originally published at on February 18, 2120.


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