Creator Spotlight: Kade Q&A

Sep 4, 2018 · 2 min read
Creator Spotlight: Kade

With content creation at the epicenter of everything we do, we’re pleased to introduce the first teen Creator in our series, “Creator Spotlight,” featuring the talent that makes up the verified WildSpark Creator community. Today we’re happy to welcome WildSpark Creator Kade into the Spotlight.

Synereo: Hello Kade! Please, tell us a little about yourself.

Kade: Hi! I’m Kade from Louisiana. I enjoy cooking — in fact, I was a contestant on Masterchef Junior, season 4. I also like drawing. And I’ve become increasingly interested in learning about emerging technologies.

Synereo: How did you come to be a content creator?

Kade: I asked my dad to do a cooking show for YouTube and it started from there. More recently, I’ve started another channel that focuses on the tech I’m interested in: emerging technologies, 3D printing, and cryptocurrency.

Synereo: What is your go-to medium for publishing content, and why?

Kade: YouTube, but since I see that people’s attention spans are getting shorter, I also use Twitter, and Instagram. These are great for getting my content out there — and they’re very popular with younger people.

Synereo: Tell us a bit about how you use Synereo and WildSpark and what you like about it.

Kade: I am an investor in AMP, and my father is as well. We joined WildSpark when you launched the Creator Program, back when it was just a Chrome extension, before the release of the main web-app. We joined, because I think that offering a new way of sharing content is a good idea. I myself am looking for new ways to share all the time, and WildSpark is a unique way to monetize my content. As it is now, WildSpark is easy to use, fast, and engaging, although I would like to see filters on what you can share, as well as more specific categories.

Synereo: Thank you Kade for checking in with us, for taking the time to answer some of our questions, and for letting the community get to know you better! Good luck with your channels

Kade: Thank you and you’re welcome!


Blockchain, Crypto, decentralization and everything in…


Blockchain, Crypto, decentralization and everything in between


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Blockchain, Crypto, decentralization and everything in between