Creator Spotlight: Lucas Q&A

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3 min readOct 2, 2018


Creator Spotlight: Lucas

Introducing the next blog post in our “Creator Spotlight” series, this one featuring a unique talent in the verified WildSpark Creator community. Welcome WildSpark Creator Lucas to the Spotlight!

Synereo: Hello, Lucas, please tell us a little about yourself.

Lucas: Hey! I’m Lucas a young juggler and YouTuber from Brazil who creates videos for Malabarize-se, a YouTube channel focused primarily on juggling, circus, and the arts!

Synereo: How did you come to be a content creator?

Lucas: I’ve been making video projects since I was a teenager and was always passionate about teaching and sharing content. After learning to juggle using YouTube, it felt natural to give back to the community with my own art-videos and tutorials.

You can actually still find my old school projects on the channel. I like to keep the older content there even though I see it as lower quality content compared to what I do nowadays. It inspires me to see how much I’ve improved, and am still improving.

Synereo: What is your go-to Medium and what does your content focus on?

Lucas: My life’s project is called Malabarize-se (in English it would mean something to the effect of “juggle yourself”) but you can call it just MS for short. As I mentioned earlier, it’s a channel on YouTube where I post juggling and circus videos. YouTube is my go-to medium because my content creation is heavily reliant on video. it’s much easier to teach juggling using video than text, for example.

My goal with my channel and videos is to develop and popularize juggling and circus worldwide. The content is in Portuguese, but when necessary, every video contains English subtitles. I produce art-videos, videos of events, interviews, juggling tutorials, and more.

Synereo: Do you see changes in the way people are starting to create and consume content online and on social media? If so, please explain.

Lucas: Yes! As a Creator, I see a big movement starting, where we focus less on ad revenue and more on other ways of funding our work — like fun ways of funding.

Perhaps in the future we’ll have less annoying, unwanted ads and propaganda before the actual video plays, and find other ways to finance good, artistic content.

Synereo: That’s what we’re working on with WildSpark and future products! Which brings us to the next question: How did you learn about WildSpark?

Lucas: I’m interested in cryptocurrencies and have seen AMP on the open markets for a while now, so it was natural to research what Synereo and AMPs were all about. My reaction when I learned more about WildSpark and Synereo was like: Click — WOW! It’s more than just a normal crypto project. It’s a creative economy! Let’s dig more into it.

I use it to Amplify and share my own videos, as well as to discover new content creators.

Synereo: Three words to describe the benefits Synereo/WildSpark provides.

Lucas: Power for creators!

Synereo: What feature would you like to see added to the WildSpark platform?

Lucas: Maybe playlists and creator profiles — or a way to import YouTube playlists to the WildSpark website.

Synereo: Thanks Lucas for taking the time to answer some of our questions and for letting the community get to know you better!

Lucas: You’re welcome! And thank you for developing these technologies, and for the opportunity to share and discover content in different places!


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