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Creator Spotlight: MistaPotta Q&A

Creator Spotlight: MistaPotta

For the third post in our “Creator Spotlight” series, we’re happy to welcome WildSpark Creator MistaPotta into the spotlight.

Synereo: Hello there MistaPotta, please tell us a little about yourself.

MP: Howdy, howdy! My real name is actually Tony Potter. In addition to making YouTube videos, I taught high school and college math and computer science courses for eighteen years. For the past three years I’ve also been a software developer.

Synereo: How did you come to be a content creator?

MP: I started by flipping the classes I taught to an online medium.

The future of education is making learning available for students wherever they are, whenever they’re ready, and at whichever pace they want to learn. With an entire class online, students can go at their pace, review as they need, get ahead as their time permits, and schedule extra-curricular events more freely. Educators who make their coursework more accessible will help to educate far more people than they could in a classroom. The opportunities for students in places with a shortage of qualified teachers abound!

Synereo: Tell us about a little about what your content focuses on.

MP: My first videos were classes that I taught for a summer program I worked with: Symbolic Logic, AP Calculus, and Computer Science. Later I got involved with AR, VR, and XR videos, including 360 degree “Spherical” videos. I’ve recently gotten into more recreational math videos, as well as 3D printing and design.

Synereo: What is your go-to medium and why?

MP: I really enjoy hiding out in the Technology and Science sections of WildSpark. You can get some really great content there without the taint of advertisers driving the message in a particular direction. Seeing content creators from many continents, you get to expand your own horizons, growing out of your own bubble. I also often reach out to Code Like a Girl and Hacker Noon.

Synereo: Do you see changes in the way people are starting to create and consume content online and on social media?

MP: For the longest time, the limiting factor for creating media wasn’t clever content, but access to professional publishing architecture. Now, almost everyone has a phone that will create video at a high enough quality for social media, and the abundance of free and open software (F/OSS) means that people can publish well-rendered video with convincing special effects. My son started his YouTube channel when he was ten. Anyone can be a creator!

Synereo: How did you learn about WildSpark and what do you like most about it?

MP: With my mathematics background, I’ve always been a supporter of cryptocurrency. I saw the start of Bitcoin with Satoshi’s paper, saw the rise of advanced concepts like contracts and dApps with Ethereum, and the privacy offered by Monero. Having a “for us, by us” currency, where creators and curators can support each other, is yet another novel application of cryptocurrency concepts.

Synereo: Tell us a bit about how you use Synereo and WildSpark and what you like about it.

MP: I’m an avid supporter of smaller creators, the ones that get lost in the sea of PewDiePies and Paul brothers. I’m able to support smaller creators twofold with Synereo — by getting them some early funding by creating WildSpark links, then getting word-of-mouth by sharing those links and exposing their media to people on my social media who I think would enjoy that content. They get funding and exposure. I get some change in my pocket as well. Win-Win!

Synereo: Three words to describe the benefits Synereo/WildSpark provides.

MP: Decentralized, Collaborative, and Supportive.

Creators are no longer beholden to the financial gatekeepers of media publishing, Creators and Curators can work together to spread their works in a way that supports both of them — and the community as a whole grows stronger.

Synereo: What feature would you like to see added to the WildSpark platform?

MP: I like the notion of a personal front page, one that members could create with their choice of curated links.

Synereo: Thanks MistaPotta for taking the time to answer some of our questions and for allowing the community to get to know you better!

MP: Thanks, you’re welcome!


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