Creator Spotlight: StoneWalker Q&A

Jun 20, 2018 · 4 min read

Introducing the second blog post in our series, “Creator Spotlight,” featuring the talent that makes up the verified WildSpark Creator community. We’re happy to welcome WildSpark Creator StoneWalker into the Spotlight.

Synereo: Welcome, StoneWalker, please tell us a little about yourself.

StoneWalker: Hey! I’m a long term Canadian/American expat English teacher working and living in Vietnam. This has given me a different insight to North American culture as I sit back at my computer here, watch world events occur, and try to make sense of them.

I like what I do in Danang and treasure the students I am privileged to work with. Helping others learn a language skill can give them a leg up in life, and it gives me great joy. Teaching pays the bills, but what I’d truly like to do is publish the novel I’ve been writing. This is where Synereo’s “Attention Economy” caught my attention. I want a greater degree of control over my own content and would like to see if Synereo could do that. I want to show my book to others and build a website where complimentary stories could be available to readers — for free. This would give unpublished authors a chance to offer their works to the world and give readers a chance to explore new authors. Did I say — for free?

The Stone Walkers is available (Alpha version) here: It is a work of love in process.

When it comes to cryptocurrency (CrC), I missed the Bitcoin boat ten years back and only became interested four years ago. Since then I have watched cryptocurrency grow and change. Synereo could breathe life into what has truly become a giant-dominated social media landscape screaming for freedom from those giants. This is because WildSpark and future products give actual practical uses for CrC. Go AMP!

Oh, and one more thing about me: I like a touch of whisk(e)y once in a while.

Synereo: How did you come to be a content creator?

StoneWalker: I’ve been writing for years while working as a non-writing professional in other industries. I have fiction and non-fiction on Medium. Maybe the book will end up there as well. All in all, if I’m not writing stories or thinking up others, then I feel like I’m dying.

Synereo: What is your go-to Medium and what does your content focus on?

StoneWalker: I couldn’t find the right end of a camera if it bit me. My content is in the written form. I write non-fiction, fantasy or magical realism. You can find me here:

Synereo: Do you see changes in the way people are starting to create and consume content online and on social media? If so, please explain.

StoneWalker: People are changing — and change is good. On Medium people can find topics and writers who can enchant or enliven their minds, as well as teach them things about the shrinking world we live in. Turn off the TV and go hunting for online content you choose for yourself.

We can all offer something up, and more and more are doing just that. Gone are the decades when there were five channels on TV. The world just doesn’t realize it yet. There is treasure beyond measure at our fingertips. Go. Get. It!

Synereo: How did you learn about WildSpark?

StoneWalker: I have been following the growth of Synereo for years. WildSpark is just the beginning. I’ve been AMPing creators since the get-go.

Synereo: Three words to describe the benefits Synereo/WildSpark provides.

StoneWalker: Independence. Selectivity. Control.

Synereo: What feature would you like to see added to the WildSpark platform?

StoneWalker: Creators should get the lion’s share of rewards but…those who actually search the internet for good content need to be rewarded in a more meaningful and concrete way. I suggest more for curators. That said, Dor (the Synereo CEO) and the crew are not finished yet. I’m not sure what’s coming next, but Synereo has been talking about a decentralized social media network for years and I would love to see something like Mr. Zuckerberg’s juggernaut, but with the users in control!

Synereo: Thanks StoneWalker for taking the time to answer some of our questions and for letting the community get to know you better!

StoneWalker: You’re welcome!


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