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New Weekly Challenge

Enter for your chance to win the Prize Pool!

Contest of the Week

The WildSpark Leaderboard that you have all come to know and love is undergoing its most significant transformation to date. As of Monday, August 27, everyone will be given the chance to enter the WildSpark Weekly Theme Contest, a competition that follows a different theme each week.

How it works

Each week the Synereo team will select a popular or trending theme (similar in style to the WildSpark World Cup contest), and give participants the opportunity to win the prize pool, which is 7.5% of all Amplifications made throughout the course of the week.

Participants will need to:

  1. AMP fresh content on WildSpark that is in line with the weekly theme
  2. Tweet about it with the hashtag #WildSpark, and tag @Synereo

Winners of the prize pool will be those who posted the three pieces of content that received the most engagement over the course of the week. The calculations for engagement will be based on a combination of how many Amplifiers rewarded the piece of content, as well how many total AMPs the content earned. First place wins 50% of the prize pool; second place wins 30%; and third place gets 20%. The larger the pool, the bigger the prize.

The WildSpark Weekly Theme Challenge was created in order to:

  1. Emphasize the creation and curation of fresh, new content
  2. Promote the various categories on WildSpark
  3. Capitalize on major global events and trends

Tune into all our social media channels for information and updates on the theme of this week, as well as for the announcement of the weekly winners:

We welcome everyone to take part in the WildSpark Weekly Theme Contest, and we look forward to seeing all the unique content that you create, share, and Amplify as a result.

Happy WildSparking and good luck in the challenge!




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