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Product X Alpha Launch Imminent

Over the next few weeks, “Synereo” will slowly come to the end of its run.
It’s been a great four years as Synereo, and we wish to thank you for flowing with us together all this time, as is the meaning of our name:

Syn = Together; Rheo = Flow

And from the ashes of the old, arises the new. With “Synereo” gone, the path is clear for something fresh. A new name, a new brand, a new beginning; same motivation, same vision, and more energy than ever to materialize it.

Starting the month of November — with the next email newsletter — the Synereo team will continue communicating with you using a new name, which will stand for both company and product, and share details about our evolving direction.

The days and weeks ahead of any product launch can be exciting and unnerving, both for the company investing in its development and for its anticipating users. The coming weeks and months will bring with them much activity and many updates, which we will be sharing with you as they unfold.

The Synereo team continues to burn the midnight oil ahead of Product X’s rapidly approaching Alpha release. Our R&D, Product and Marketing teams are working around the clock and engaging in meticulous testing to ensure every deadline is met and every feature is fine-tuned and flawless.

The Alpha will run for a month only, where 1,000 of our community members will be given early access to the new product before Product X moves forward to a (similarly short) Beta phase.

As a token of our appreciation for your continued support and interest in Synereo, those of you who are among the first to sign up for the Alpha will receive exclusive benefits in the form of Synereo’s digital currency, the AMP. Used in Product X, these AMPs will translate to a significant degree of influence in setting the tone for the fledgling network, a direct result of our novel economic model governing social spaces and the flow of information in them.

Beyond the tangible rewards we’re happy to share with you, your proactive, long-standing involvement and understanding of the Synereo vision make you most suited to help us shape the future of our upcoming product. As the product launch progresses to more advanced phases, your status as a pioneering member will be recognized in ways we’re still keeping hush about.

Much secrecy has surrounded the development of Product X, to prevent copycat attempts and allow us to present its best version upon completion. Once our product, marketing strategy, and other loose ends have been tied up, we will be thrilled to finally reveal our exciting new product — and what exactly it aims to do.

All product and marketing-related release dates have now been set; within the month of November, we’ll announce our new name — as well as many details about the path ahead. The Alpha will follow shortly after.

Follow us on our channels to be the first to know:

We appreciate your attention,

— The Synereo Team



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