Synereo Aims to Put AMPs in the Hands of Every Internet User

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2 min readJun 4, 2018


When it comes to creating a liberated economy of attention, Synereo sought to build a more advanced economy around the real leaders of the Internet — the content creators, and the curators who share these creations with appreciating audiences.

In order for the project to be successful, it was clear that we had to support the creator-viewer communication with digital-currency incentives. Thus, we introduced Synereo’s native cryptocurrency, AMP. The AMP is a token with real-world value that incentivizes users to reward content creators and be rewarded for content discovery and bringing the content to new, appreciating audiences.

Synereo kicked off the project earlier this year with our first tool, WildSpark , which is a platform designed as a meta-layer in order to reach these Internet leaders where they’re already active (i.e. YouTube, Medium, Imgur). Our promise was to deliver an entirely new way for original content to be monetized, and our vision for a more free and fair Attention Economy is already being realized. In its beta phase, WildSpark content creators already have a combined footprint of 1.5 million subscribers and counting.

By forging partnerships in territories with a flourishing online content economy, we’re able to get in on the ground floor and introduce a new way for local creators to monetize their creations. Creators monetize by earning AMPs for the content they promote and distribute across various social platforms.

A recent example of this is Synereo’s partnership with Shanghai-based production company, Qiyi Culture Communication Ltd. that was announced earlier this month. With 20 Content IPs per annum, and nine Original Content IPs, Qiyi Culture produces some of China’s top Professionally Generated Content (PGC) such as “Sister Deformation,” a talk show that has surpassed 10 million viewers per week, and many more. With a thriving market for online content in China, there will be additional developments as we rally and empower content creators throughout the region.

In order to truly liberate the Attention Economy, Synereo will continue to motivate creators around the globe to be compensated for their talent and encourage the circulation of AMPs across the Internet until they become a new fact of life.


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