WildSpark Beta is Here

Jun 30, 2017 · 2 min read

True to the roadmap, today, Friday June the 30th, a select group of first users will start receiving invites to the WildSpark Beta. WildSpark is Synereo’s first stab at democratizing the flow of value online — shifting the balance of power toward content creators and curators, and away from the platforms that host the content.

As promised, we are shipping the Beta with all the core features needed to start rewarding your favorite content creators with cryptocurrency, as well as being rewarded for curating and spreading high quality content to others.

WildSpark by Synereo — A New Way to Pay Attention from Synereo on Vimeo.

What you should expect:

  • A Google Chrome extension that supports YouTube.
  • Free AMPs to test-drive the product. Amplify your favorite videos, reward your favorite creators, share links with others who may appreciate it.
  • Gradual onboarding. With thousands signed up for early access, our plan is to invite users on a daily basis, as we gather feedback about the product.

WildSpark is the first product of its kind and so we’ve made conscious decisions with regards to what makes it into the Beta and what features are to be added in the upcoming version(s). There is no playbook to copy here and it’s our job to be build it responsibly from the ground up — adding feature by feature, experimenting, and refining the product until it works for everyone.

We are aware that there are many questions to be answered, and more questions will appear as the product lands in the hands of users. In the upcoming week, we will be releasing detailed information about the AMP attribution formula and flow of value as well as discuss the immediate product roadmap and the added features you’ll soon get to play with.


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Originally published at blog.synereo.com on June 17, 3020.


Blockchain, Crypto, decentralization and everything in between


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Blockchain, Crypto, decentralization and everything in between

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