WildSpark v3.1: Gunpowder is Released; Supporting Imgur, Medium and YouTube Creators

Mar 6, 2018 · 2 min read

WildSpark, the platform-agnostic monetization layer, is now a fully functional web-app, supporting meme creators, writers, and video creators who publish on Imgur, Medium and YouTube.

WildSpark users can now reward their favorite creators directly with the AMP cryptocurrency while participating in the Liberated Attention Economy from any desktop or mobile device.

With the new version, you can:

  1. Monetize the creation and curation of Medium, Imgur and YouTube content
  2. Amplify and share new content from any device, mobile or desktop
  3. Comment on content and converse with other WildSpark users
  4. Receive notifications related to your activity
  5. Earn AMPs for referring your friends to WildSpark

New users who sign-up with Facebook verification will receive a bonus of 10 AMPs until the end of the month, after which the sign-up bonus will return to the standard 5 AMPs.

Additionally, to celebrate this well anticipated release, through the month of March, Synereo increased the bounty to 10 AMPs for referring new users through your referral link to register for WildSpark and start Amplifying content. People coming in through your unique link generated when Amping content count as well.

To find your referral link, simply click your profile picture in WildSpark and then “Invite a Friend”:

This version has been in testing by our community for the past three weeks, since its release on February 13th as per the roadmap. More improvements and features are coming, but WildSpark v3.1 is already ready for prime time.

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Originally published at blog.synereo.com on March 18, 620.


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