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WildSpark v3.2 Hudson

WildSpark spreads its wings with more AMPs, more categories.

WildSpark v3.2 Hudson debuted today, introducing a multitude of features and refinements.

More creators, curators and content flowing into WildSpark paved the way for expansion of categories. As of today, we’ve doubled the number of categories offered, which includes a finer offering for Sports, Lifestyle and entertainment enthusiasts.

There are some key improvements that were made in response to our growing user-base:

  • Performance speed — Users can AMP with little to no lag time
  • Withdrawal process — Approval rate has been streamlined for quicker turn-around
  • Withdrawal more — The minimum withdrawal amount increased from 25 to 40

With the Hudson release, there were also bug fixes as well as design enhancements for a richer user experience.

WildSpark is a work in progress, and moreover — it is a collaboration, between Synereo’s devoted team and our appreciated community. We invite you to share your thoughts on the product and influence its design and development. This cooperation is crucial as we embark on a journey towards a more free and fair Attention Economy.


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Originally published at on April 18, 320.



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