WildSpark v3.3 Iron

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2 min readMay 15, 2018


WildSpark bolsters user experience.

Iron pyrite crystals

Today WildSpark v3.3 Iron was released, placing weight on user experience with more insights and aesthetic enhancements.

AMP History
With over 40,000 AMPs flowing through WildSpark daily, it’s never been easier to track your AMP flow. One click in the profile menu delivers a detailed view of all the content you AMPed since joining WildSpark.

Getting Started tab
As pioneers in the new free and fair Attention Economy, we feel it is our duty to ensure users have the ability to leverage all that the WildSpark platform has to offer. With this in mind, we added a tab that provides a visual guide designed to help new users hit the ground running and begin Amplifying like pros.

Clean and clear
We realize our users are passionate about content and what’s trending, so we stripped the entire top area and moved the feed up. Featured content now appears in line with the feed, and is marked with a thicker border.

Other updates to enhance user experience include streamlining of overall design as well as highlighting unread notifications, faster response time for withdrawal requests, updated FAQ page, as well as various bug fixes.


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