YouTube Creator Program Launches

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1 min readFeb 13, 2018


More than 100 content creators applied and were verified during the 11 days of the program, with a combined total of 1.5 million subscribers.

To celebrate the Creator Program kickoff, and to let our existing users show some love, Synereo has granted 25 AMPs to all users who have been active in the past month.

WildSpark on the loose

Creators joining WildSpark’s Creator Program will now start inviting their followers to support them using it. The goal of WildSpark is to make content monetization easy, incentivizing fans to support creators using AMP, Synereo’s digital currency. It’s now up to the creators to inform their fans and followers about WildSpark and make sure they understand its benefits for all participants.

Synereo has provided all creators with a badge to add to their YouTube channel art, a message to paste in their videos’ description, and this WildSpark animation, custom designed by WildSpark user LimeSoda, to invite users to show some love using WildSpark at the end of their videos.

Featured Creators

As part of the Creator Program, the Synereo team will be choosing Creators to feature in posts to be shared with our 25,000 followers on Twitter, showcasing their creations and their use of WildSpark to the world.

Here’s to WildSpark’s very beginning.


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