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The ‘Gogos’ of Othandweni Children’s Home in Soweto

Soweto, an urban area of Johannesburg, is a place of great historical significance. It was home to South African leaders Nelson Mandela and Archbishop Desmond Tutu and the people of Soweto played a critical role in the anti-apartheid movement through various forms of popular resistance in the 1980s. Nestled in this potent place, is Othandweni Children’s Home, where 90 children live and, more importantly, have the chance to thrive.

At Othandweni, gogos (grannies) from the community come to the home on a regular basis to spend quality, one-on-one time with the kids who need it most as part of the “Granny Programme”. The gogos love these children well- giving them a life-long model for safe and positive attachment.

In their own words- “Jo’burg Child Welfare strives to provide an environment that caters for the overall development of its residents that includes their physical, emotional, spiritual and educational needs. In short … the sort of experience that a child would have in a balanced home environment.”

Synergos works with Jo’burg Child Welfare as part of our Social Connectedness program in South Africa. We believe that poverty should be looked at holistically- and that overcoming social isolation, an often hidden dimension of poverty, is key to having a full life.