BirdieBlue — not an ordinary blue bird

Miruna Morosanu
Jun 25, 2018 · 4 min read

You hear about this new app called BirdieBlue, and first thing you see when you check it out is a friendly, yet sarcastic logo of an animated little bird, raising its eyebrow with distrust. There’s a whole story behind that. You see, BirdieBlue is not the average bird, flying from one information to another, embracing the world and its knowledge under its wings. BirdieBlue possesses a special kind of wisdom: artificial intelligence.

How was BirdieBlue “born”?

In mankind’s growing need for knowledge, a new app was born. An app that identifies and extracts subjective information and opinions expressed in a piece of text, for the purpose of establishing the attitude of the writer in regards to a particular subject. And afterwards, the app categorizes that attitude as positive, negative or neutral — otherwise known as “sentiment analysis”. This shall be explored in a separate article.

How did BirdieBlue evolved from a little baby bird to an adult?

BirdieBlue, the app created in this scope, was “born” just like all of us: naive and showing a lack of experience, wisdom, or judgement. We are not born with such qualities, but only with the capacity to assimilate information, then to understand it, classify it, form thoughts and opinions and enrich our knowledge. Same as us, BirdieBlue first learnt about the meaning of the mentioned “sentiment analysis”. Next, it was given certain pieces of text that were already classified as positive, negative or neutral by its trusty, experienced creators. This was boosting BirdieBlue’s artificial intelligence to not only absorb information, but slowly (and surely) understand the basic difference between positive, negative and neutral.

BirdieBlue’s migration from basic to advanced intelligence

Let’s go deeper into the correlation between the human brain and the artificial intelligence that forms the brain of the BirdieBue app. The more we know, read, see, experience, the more informed we are. The education we get from parents, teachers, library and personal research enriches our brain and helps develop our capacity to synthesize, discern and form opinions.

Constant “food for thought”, if you will, is needed to train our brain and make it function at the peak of its potential. The same applies to the proper function of any artificial intelligence mechanism: we provide simple information to it, to raise awareness. Then, slowly, we give it information that is more and more advanced, and complicated, and diverse, to train the “brain” of the application to learn to think for itself, and to learn to make good judgement. Consequently, in time, having experience and exposure to knowledge will translate in a growing quality of wisdom.

To cut the story short, the developers behind BirdieBlue made sure to provide the app with small pieces of text already classified, that gradually evolved from short, simple texts to texts that were slightly more complex or elaborated. With this coaching and support, the app first learns to discern between the simple positive / negative / neutral, and it’s mechanism is becoming more advanced every day. BirdieBlue will gain, in time, the capacity to see subtleties in a text, to recognize sarcasm, to classify the nuances of “positive” or “negative” based on the relevance of the affirmation in the text: was it mildly negative or extremely negative, is the negative opinion related to a high-importance subject or it that topic random or even irrelevant?

BirdieBlue’s expertise

Going back to the human mind analogy, the artificial intelligence of BirdieBlue targets a specific “area of expertise”. Just like teenagers going to college based on their preferred career path, BirdieBlue is a continuously growing expert on its preferred domain: the crypto world. Of course, in time it will develop its knowledge and experience and spread its wings wider, but at this point BirdieBlue performs sentiment analysis related to Bitcoin.

BirdieBlue’s “food for thought”

Let’s face it, all birds know how to chirp, sing, and most importantly, tweet! But our birdie also knows the best ways to stay inspired. To be specific, BirdieBlue makes classifications of the attitudes, opinions, perceptions and feelings that Twiter users express related to Bitcoin. Let’s call Twiter “BirdieBlue’s library”, where it goes to constantly to enrich its knowledge and make sure it always gets the latest tweets to analyse. BirdieBlue is never behind on its homework, so to say, and it is always up-to-date with whatever tweets are posted by Twiter users.

Why did BirdieBlue chose Twitter as its source of inspiration?

Twitter is to feelings as Google is to facts. Twitter is the most powerful tool to receive “in real time” reactions, opinions, perception and advice on Bitcoin. And since Bitcoin is currently BirdieBlue’s domain of interest, the app makes sure it uses the best source of Bitcoin sentiment to make analysis and classifications on.

Where CAN you meet BirdieBlue?

You might be a crypto enthusiast, experienced user on crypto transactions, or simply curious about BirdieBlue, sentiment analysis and how this can help or benefit you, you can easily get acquainted with the BirdieBlue app by going directly to its nest to

An introduction to the SynergyCrowds platform can be found at

Want to feel more at home and meet BirdieBlue’s “family”? Check out and you can meet the team that created and nourishes our hungry for knowledge birdie.

Last but definitely not least, since BirdieBlue is motivated to both give and receive information, its “family” is also happy to be in contact and discuss more about the app, what does it do and how to be used. So don’t hesitate to follow us on our social channels — all with direct links from our website — and let’s keep in touch!


Decentralized knowledge for cryptocurrency users. 🧠 Knowledge is power!

Thanks to Mircea Moca, #IAmSygon

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