What is a SYGON

Sygon is a key concept related to the SynergyCrowds platform.

A Sygon is a user that registers with SynergyCrowds.

Sygon fundamentals

A sygon is a user that aims to use crypto for herself or in a business, in simple or sophisticated scenarios and wants to make informed decisions on her own, in order to 1) survive then 2) become economically efficient in the digital economy.

Why “Sygon”?

  1. Sygon is inspired by the name and history of the Ho Chi Minh City (surnamed Saigon), a city in southern Vietnam. This is famous for the pivotal role it played in the Vietnam War, with battles that marked its end.
  2. “SYgon” and “SYnergy” spelling begins similarly, showing the membership of a sygon to crowds, aiming to build synergy.

A Sygon benefits from accessing reliable knowledge produced by the SynergyCrowds platform. Sygons can also contribute to the process of decentralized knowledge production, earning SYGON tokens.


Basically, a Sygon can contribute in two main ways:

  • BUILDER SYGONS: build the decentralized knowledge by adding new nodes (that implement different types of application) to the network. By doing this, a Sygon extends the Knowledge Producing Network (KPN).
  • WORKER SYGONS: perform professional actions and transfer own human knowledge (like expertise) to the KPN. This input is further used by the apps in their computational flows within the KPN, to discover more advanced knowledge.

Earning SYGON tokens

Sygons earn SYGON tokens for their contribution to building the decentralized Knowledge Producing Network.

Types of earning:

  1. Revenue streams (as Builder Sygons)
  2. Rewards (as Worker Sygons)

Who can be a Sygon?

You! Your friends, anyone! There are plenty of ways to contribute and benefit within the SynergyCrowds platform. It is very easy to become a Sygon, by joining SynergyCrowds.

Sygon account

The quality of Sygon is special and it’s easy to get. A user has only to register with SynergyCrowds by creating an account on the SynergyCrowds platform.

Register with SynergyCrowds — create a Sygon account

Why Sygons are special

Sygons can unlock knowledge for themselves and other sygons.

For example, Sygons have a wider and deeper understanding of the public sentiment on crypto assets (compared to merely visitors — that are not registered with SynergyCrowds).

More precisely, while a visitor can access sentiment analysis on Bitcoin with a 2h granularity, Sygons can access the sentiment analysis on more digital assets — Ethereum for example and benefit from a full range of analysis granularities: 1h, 2h, 4h, 6h, 1d, 2d, 1w.

Sygons unlock knowledge — more granularities for sentiment analysis
Sygons can choose to analyze the sentiment on different digital assets: Bitcoin, Ethereum

Moreover, Sygons can unlock advanced knowledge by spending SYGON credits or SYGON tokens.

So the SynergyCrowds team encourages you to become a Sygon, doing everything in their power for users to feel an unpaired experience when using or building reliable knowledge for crypto users.

Thank you for reading this article.

To find out more about Sygons, see the “Sygon” section of the SynergyCrowds platform documentation.


Decentralized knowledge for cryptocurrency users.

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