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An Introduction to Synesis One

Words are powerful. They enable us to create, to express ideas, and to compose works of art. Words are the building blocks of our thoughts, our dreams and even our reality. Try to think without words and you’ll quickly realize their value.

Synesis One (SNSOne) captures the immense value of words through NFT technology. We are the world’s first distributed autonomous organization (DAO) that incorporates play-to-earn data farming. Synesis One trains artificial intelligence (AI) by leveraging non-fungible tokens (NFTs), harnessing the wisdom of the crowd and monetizing the flow of data.

Synesis One Ecosystem

Imagine holding a gorgeous NFT with vocabulary and generative art in your wallet. Now imagine that same NFT is earning yield through the SNSOne ecosystem. Anyone can join SNSOne and start to earn rewards by staking our NFTs, playing our games, or by preparing datasets to train AI.

Synesis One is a completely fresh concept in AI training. Users create datasets for AI. Datasets are pegged to NFTs. When projects pay to use these AIs and the datasets which power them, the NFT holders are rewarded.

Synesis One is building this concept from the ground up, because — and this is not hyperbole, merely a statement of fact — there is nothing else like it out there. This project has been created out of sheer necessity. When SNSOne founders could find no existing solution to help them optimally train Mind AI, they realised they would have to create and build their own. Despite the many advantages offered by Mind AI, it will never reach its full potential without high quality data and datasets for training.

Synesis One was born to address this significant gap in the market.

The Market

The addressable market for Synesis One is huge, with millions of digital workers in the field. The AI training data market has witnessed stunning growth and this is projected to continue.

In fact, the global AI training dataset market is expected to reach over $10 billion by 2030 at a CAGR of 23.14% from 2021.

What Are the Challenges?

AI needs data from humans and the AI industry is on an exponential growth curve. To perform well, AI needs to be trained with quality data, but the Big Tech companies don’t share the data they collect — they hoard, centralize and silo it instead. Without access to good quality data, millions of projects can never benefit from AI. That needs to change.

Some further challenges:

  • Preparing data for AI is labor intensive and time consuming
  • Projects often outsource their data needs through an intermediary
  • Crowdsourced contributors are paid low wages to create data for AI

What is the Solution?

Synesis One and its play-to-earn 2.0 powered by data yield farmers. Players first stake their NFTs, then they read, provide feedback, and receive rewards forever.

  • Architects create the AI training dataset
  • Builders provide feedback to the AI
  • Validators approve builder feedback.

The SNSOne metaverse is created by data farmers themselves but the collector communities are bound by ’meaning’. Meaning can be expressed through visuals, but can be more powerfully expressed in words.

Yield generating NFTs build on a play-to-earn ecosystem. SNSOne turns 10,000 of the most frequently used words into NFTs. The NFT staking dynamics incentivize the community to interact with them and on the backend, the NFTs help to train AI.

Synesis One already has our first customer lined up to pay for access to our unique AI data.

Solana First but Cross-Chain

Synesis One is building on one of the fastest growing blockchain ecosystems in crypto. SNSOne takes advantage of super fast transactions which are only possible on Solana to unlock exciting and fun gameplay for its users.

Synesis One will further integrate with Polygon for its scalability solutions, unlocking cross-chain interoperability with the Ethereum ecosystem. This will allow Synesis One to interact with Ethereum’s rich ecosystem of dApps and communities across defi, Web3, and NFTs.


For the next several quarters, we will be releasing many exciting parts of our DAO. We look forward to your comments and support.

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Synesis One

Synesis One

Synesis One is developing the world’s first Train2Earn platform on Solana, where anyone can train AI using natural language and get rewarded for it.