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Ambassador Program: Launch of Mission 4

About SynFutures

SynFutures is an upcoming derivatives protocol, currently in V1 Closed Alpha phase. The team is a combination of crypto natives and Wall Street top guns, with the idea to build a solid infrastructure for future DeFi derivatives on Ethereum and other L2/side chains. In June 2021, SynFutures announced $14mn Series A funding led by Polychain Capital with participation from Framework, Pantera Capital, Bybit, Wintermute, CMS, Kronos, and IOSG Ventures. Earlier in 2021, it announced a seed round backed by Dragonfly Capital and Standard Crypto.

You can visit the website to register for V1 Closed Alpha early access. or join discussions on Medium / Twitter / Telegram / Discord.

Mission 4 is Live

SynFutures, the world’s first fully decentralized hash rate futures platform, is announcing Mission 4. These three are focused on giving traders an early advantage by rewarding them for interacting with SynFutures. Traders will be rewarded with NFTs based on their content and ability to follow instructions. As a trader, this is an opportunity for you to earn unique NFTs and USDC that you can channel back to trading on the platform.

The SynFutures Ambassador Program has been running for some months now, with Mission 3 about to end soon. The program has attracted many traders wishing to be a part of the community. Different winners are selected for each mission in an effort to grow the community further.

By joining the new Ambassador program, you will be joining a community of traders that have been on the platform longer, allowing you to learn from their shared trading experiences. If you have been participating in previous ambassador programs and are yet to win any NFT or cash, this might be your chance.

Follow the details of the program below to stand a chance to win.

Mission 4

The requirements for participants are as follows:

1. Create a SynFutures Academy article on one of the designated topics defined by SynFutures. Please go to SynFutures Discord Mission 4 channel to find the details of the topics.

2. Send your article to

Please make sure to format the Email subject to [Your Discord ID + Topic] (E.g Rssic_SynFutures#29343 + What is Bitcoin)

3. VERY IMPORTANT: Take a screenshot of your sent email (Just the Email subject and preview if available), and post the screenshot to #mission-4-record channel on the official SynFutures Discord channel.

4. The SynFutures team will go through each submission and pick out high-quality content. Participants who had submitted the admitted works will be rewarded with special NFTs.

Please note that participation in the Mission 4 event is considered automatic authorization for us to use your content. Please contact @Rssic_SynFutures in advance if you are not willing to publicise your work.

If you are a writer at heart or simply enjoys researching and writing about the DeFi space, this will be a fantastic opportunity for you to showcase your writing skills! However, only high quality articles with care to details will be officially accepted into the winner shortlist by the SynFutures team. Low-quality works and works with little effort will be automatically discredited as mission incomplete which will directly affect the levelling up for ambassadors.

Authors of hand-picked articles may be added into SynFutures’ collaborator pool for more future collaborations.

Writing in the English language is preferred due to moderator preferences, but local languages are also welcomed. We value the quality of the content far more than the language of the content!


These missions facilitated by projects are a chance for the community to interact with trading sites and earn tokens as rewards. They present an opportunity for members of the public to interact with each other and learn together. SynFutures has shown a commitment to work with and reward traders by introducing these missions.

Join our community!👪

Please visit our website at or join discussions on Medium / Twitter / Telegram & Discord.




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