FutureX Podcast Update: Highlighting Women in Web3

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3 min readMar 8


On International Women’s Day, we’re announcing some exciting changes to our podcast!

FutureX podcast from SynFutures

The future of Web3 is unraveling before our very eyes, and at SynFutures, we’re excited to be part of the movement toward a decentralized world. But as exciting as the future of our industry is, there are many barriers inhibiting growth. While technology and user experience can be improved, it’s crucial that we prioritize the most essential part of the Web3 ecosystem: the people.

From founders and builders to investors and users, everyone has a role to play in the growth and adoption of Web3. But while there is a role for everyone, equal representation for everyone, specifically underrepresented groups, is still lacking. Women make up only a small number of positions at crypto funds, projects, and communities. According to a report from the Female Quotient, only 19 percent of people who own digital currency identify as women.

With that in mind, we have decided to take FutureX, our podcast highlighting the brightest minds in Web3, in a new direction. Moving forward, women will have an equal share of voice sharing their challenges and successes as industry pioneers.

“The finance and tech sectors have historically been male-dominated, and I have seen firsthand the inequalities that exist for women working in these industries,” said Rachel Lin, co-founder and CEO at SynFutures. “The FutureX podcast has tens of thousands of views and listens, and as it continues to grow, it’s important to me that we highlight a diverse group of guests, many of whom are incredible women paving the path for a more inclusive future.”

As part of the initiative, Rachel will also take over hosting duties for all women-featured episodes. The first confirmed guest is Xiao Xiao, investment director at HashKey Capital.

“I truly believe the future of Web3 is for everyone, and with this small step, I hope we can empower a new generation of builders, investors, and leaders in our burgeoning industry,” added Rachel.

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Want to nominate a woman in Web3 to be on FutureX? Reach out to greer.rodriguez@synfutures.com.

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