Introducing Institution Adoption Program 2: SDK Access Incentives

The program aims to encourage more institutions and professional users to use SynFutures’ automated trading tools.



SynFutures Institution Adoption Program #2: May 13-June 30

After announcing the first phase of our Institution Adoption Program in April, SynFutures V3 has experienced significant volume growth, surpassing $50 billion in cumulative trading volume and consistently ranking among the top perps DEXs. A substantial increase in activity led to our platform being named the top DEX, flipping dydx, Hyperliquid, and even Uniswap v3, for the number one ranking.

Given our continued traction, we’ve updated the program to encourage more institutions and professional users to use our automated trading tools. See the details below for more information.

Institution Adoption Program Upgrades


May 13 — June 30, 2024


To participate in the program, participants must be new to SynFutures and never traded via the SDK. Rewards are subject to a sanity check, including, but not limited to, a wash trading check, cybersecurity check, Sybil check, and submission of further institution documents satisfactory at SynFutures’ sole discretion. Participants must also submit trading/performance records and other information in the SDK Access Questionnaire.

Other requirements:

  • Target Taker Volume: $10 million equivalent using the latest SDK
  • Early Adoption Reward: 5,000 USDB (one-time) + 10 million O_O Points (one-time)
  • Eligible Participants: The first 30 addresses must leverage SDK Version 0.1.5 or above to reach the target taker volume and pass a sanity check, as described in the previous paragraph.

SDK link:

The trading volume will accumulate starting May 13, 2024, and last through the program session. The taker fee is subject to the fee tier introduced in Institution Adoption Program #1, which is summarized below:

taker fee tier for SynFutures Institution Adoption Program

Refer to this sheet to confirm SDK Access Rewards eligibility in real time.

Integration Reward Distribution

  • Addresses on the Eligible Lookup link will receive a Reward by the end of the Program.
  • The Reward will be distributed to the address used for trading on SynFutures. If the address is an EOA wallet address, the last address that interacted with the EOA wallet will be selected.
  • The distribution of rewards will be contingent upon the completion of a background check and an identity verification (KYC/KYB) process.

Please note: SynFutures retains sole discretion in determining the information to be collected for this purpose. If dishonest activities are detected, all associated addresses will be disqualified from participating in the program.

Have questions? Submit a ticket to the SynFutures Discord channel, and a team member will assist you.

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