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Notifi to Bring Real-Time Trading Alerts to SynFutures

We’re thrilled to announce Notifi, a cross-chain messaging layer for Web3, is bringing its simplified communication and user engagement features to Synfutures! Once integrated, our traders and LPs will be able to opt into the notifications and alerts they want to receive on their preferred channels.

The announcement comes as Notifi launches support for Polygon, where SynFutures is one of the largest decentralized derivatives trading platforms. We’re Notifi’s first launch partner on Polygon!

Addressing Communication Barriers in Web3

Keeping up with Web3 can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to messaging and notifications. From navigating crowded project Discord channels to receiving seemingly endless Telegram messages, it can be difficult to surface crucial project updates and trading alerts without being glued to the screen 24/7. And while users don’t want to be inundated with alerts, we know our users want to stay in the know about the information that can affect their trading or LP strategies.

To help break through the noise, Notifi helps projects like ours engage with their users on their preferred channels — whether it be email, SMS, Telegram, Twitter DM, wallet-to-wallet chat, and more. Once Notifi notifications are enabled on the SynFutures dApp, our users will be able to opt-in for key notifications like liquidation alerts and price movements, as well as SynFutures news and updates.

Notifi x SynFutures integration
Preview of Notifi-powered notifications on SynFutures trading dApp

“Real-time insights are crucial to managing your portfolio on DeFi platforms,” said Rachel Lin, co-founder, and CEO at SynFutures. “With Notifi alerts and notifications, our users will have the advantage of near-instant information to assist their trading strategy and stay plugged into the latest market movements.”

“We’re here to help SynFutures create the best trading experience in DeFi,” said Alex Horn, Chief Product Officer at Notifi. “Personalized notifications are a key tool for traders to maintain their edge on trades and the market while having the freedom to not be glued to their monitors.”

Notifi-powered alerts and notifications will be available on SynFutures in the coming months. We’ll be sharing more information about our integration with Notifi as we get closer to launch but in the meantime, make sure to register for V2 Closed Alpha if you haven’t already!

About SynFutures

SynFutures is a decentralized derivatives exchange that enables anyone to list and trade futures and perps on any asset. Positioned as the Amazon of derivatives by creating an open and trustless derivatives market, SynFutures introduces permissionless asset listings and offers the widest diversity of pairs for trading.

Deployed on multiple EVM-compatible blockchains, SynFutures is currently the largest derivatives exchange on Polygon and among the top three most actively used decentralized derivatives exchanges. SynFutures is backed by top-tier Web3 investors like Pantera Capital, Polychain Capital, Susquehanna International Group (SIG), Dragonfly Capital, Standard Crypto, and Framework Ventures, and founded by industry veterans with extensive experience at global financial institutions, fintech companies and blockchain technology companies such as Alipay, Bitmain, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, Matrixport, and Nomura Securities.

Learn more:

Website | YouTube | Twitter | Discord | Telegram | Github

About Notifi

Notifi allows for simplified communication across all web3 and traditional messaging channels such as Telegram, SMS, Email, Wallet-to-Wallet DMs, and more. Designed with simple APIs for easy integration and customizable and advanced features for dApps and web3 applications, Notifi empowers developers and creators to better engage with their users and communities via multichannel communications.

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