SynFutures Blast Gold Distribution: Round 1

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3 min readMar 27, 2024


100% of our Blast Gold will be given to the users!

SynFutures x Blast Gold Distribution

Days after receiving the first round of Blast Gold distribution from the Blast team, SynFutures is excited to reveal that we’ve already airdropped 87% — 427,935 Blast Gold — of our initial distribution to our users.

The remaining 63,830 Blast Gold will be allocated through ecosystem collaborations and community incentives to expand the SynFutures community and reward engaged members.

But this is only the first round. 100% of our future Blast Gold distributions will be given to our community.

What is Blast Gold?

Distributed by Blast, Blast Gold is intended to promote development in the ecosystem by enabling dApps to reward users with Gold through the Blast Points API.

SynFutures was awarded the second-most Blast Gold points in the first distribution round. As a winner of the Big Blast competition and the leading perps DEX in the ecosystem, we’re excited to grow and continue to give back to our makers, takers, and active community members.

Blast Gold Distribution: Round 1

The first retroactive snapshot was taken on March 23rd at 23:59:59 UTC. As mentioned in the Oyster Odyssey 2.0 announcement, 100% of our Blast Gold from round 1 will be distributed to liquidity providers (makers), active traders (takers), and community partners.

Makers and takers were rewarded with Blast Gold based on the following schedule:

SynFutures Blast Gold Distribution, Round 1

Please note:

  • While Round 1 focused on the above-mentioned factors, the distribution methodology may be adjusted in Round 2.
  • Big Bang Winner Blast Gold grants will be distributed as community incentives in future ecosystem collaborations and marketing events.
  • For smart contracts that interacted on V3 during Round 1, SynFutures will deem the last externally owned account (EOA) address that initiated a transaction to that smart contract and interacted with our protocol as the owner of the said smart contract. All Blast Gold attributed to that smart contract will be attributed to the deemed owner’s EOA address for this period.

Blast Gold is taking the main stage this week, but that’s not all users will receive! Blast Points and SynFutures O_O Points are being distributed daily and hourly by the team.

Congrats to everyone who received points! If you didn’t receive Blast Gold this time, don’t worry! Round 2 is coming. Follow SynFutures on X and Discord to stay in the know.

UPDATE: Round 2 Distribution

We are thrilled to announce that SynFutures has received and airdropped 274,977 Blast Gold during the second round of distribution! See the details in the X post below.

During this round, we distributed 95% of the Blast Gold to liquidity providers based on TVL and O_O Points, while 5% of the Gold was allocated to new users.

SynFutures Blast Gold Distribution Round 2

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