SynFutures Launches NFTures in Closed Alpha

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3 min readMar 22


Early registrants will be the first to try our new NFT futures trading platform to short or long CryptoPunks, Bored Ape Yacht Club, Pudgy Penguins, and more.

The day is finally here! After much anticipation, and our team’s tireless efforts to bring this first-of-its-kind user experience to our users, we’re excited to announce NFTures is available!

During our closed alpha, the whitelist for NFTures will be released in batches. Once users receive an email indicating they are on the whitelist, they will be able to test and provide their feedback for the first iteration of the NFT futures trading platform. (Be sure to periodically check your email junk folder once you’ve registered, so you don’t miss your invite!)

NFTures enables users to take long or short positions in NFT collections, maximizing profit opportunities while hedging risk and exposure. Because NFTures is permissionless like the rest of SynFutures’ derivatives trading products, users only need to connect their wallets to get started.

Designed for everyone

If the NFTures interface looks familiar, that’s for a reason. We’ve simplified the NFT trading experience for mainstream NFT collectors and crypto veterans alike. We’ve also addressed liquidity and price concerns by basing our prices on fractionalized NFTs.

Mobile-first design

We believe the future of Web3 is mobile, so NFTures is accessible on your mobile device — just like your favorite social apps.

How to trade on NFTures

Opening a position is simple. Once your address has been whitelisted…

  1. Connect your wallet.
  2. Like or dislike an NFT to short or long an NFT with one-click leverage (up to 3x).
  3. Track and view all your positions and profits and losses (P&L) in one place.

For a deeper dive into the “why” behind NFTures, check out this article.


Why can’t I access NFTures?

Early registrants are the first users to try and provide feedback for NFTures. You can still sign up for access.

Why have my positions been limited?

NFTures will be released in phases to accommodate our growth and ensure the user experience is as seamless as possible. As such, users can only open one position at a time and the value is capped.

When can I directly access NFTures?

Early registrants will be given access to the platform over the next few weeks. Once initial feedback has been addressed, the platform will be open to the public.

For more answers to FAQs, go to

V2 is coming soon!

Since the sunsetting of V1, we know many of you are anxiously awaiting the official launch of V2. We’ll release more information soon, so stay tuned!

Happy NFT trading, SynFuturers! Have questions or feedback on NFTures? Reach out on the #nftures channel in Discord.

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