SynFutures V1 🔥Closed Alpha🔥 is OPEN now (with 2021 roadmap)

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3 min readJun 16, 2021


The wait is over

Trade Futures. Anything. Anytime.

SynFutures is excited to officially launch the 🔥Closed Alpha🔥 for our freshly-designed decentralized futures exchange. Participants are limited get early access HERE to be in the first batch of early community members to support us and gain potential advantages in future campaigns.

Key features:

  • ⌚️List any asset within 30 seconds: Want to hedge some hot tokens but can’t find their corresponding derivatives in the DeFi or CeFi worlds? Then have no fear — list them on SynFutures in 30 seconds (literally)!
  • 💰Single-token LP: You can use one token to provide liquidity with a single click;
  • ✔️Straightforward UI: Similar to the democratized experience of swapping on Uniswap, we make trading futures intuitively engaging, even for beginners;
  • Multichain deployment: The Closed Alpha is offered on both Ethereum Mainnet and Polygon, so that both DeFi “city dwellers” and “suburban residents” can take the hustle-free ride;
  • 🔑Risk management and safety: Backed by solid experience from the TradFi financial engineering and DeFi protocol safety, SynFutures has many risk management features (e.g. anti-flashloan attack, EMA smoothing method, etc.) and has gone through external code audits.

A Roadmap

SynFutures would also like to take this chance to update the community on our roadmap for the next couple of months. In fact, a lot of the work has already been started, even before the 🔥Closed Alpha🔥.

The first step is our product upgrade. SynFutures V2 is already under development for launch in Q3, which will bring a shared-margin futures design for traders/hedgers, the first on-chain futures renewal tool, a new AMM model to enhance capital efficiency, and a Pro UI catering to trading veterans.

SynFutures V3 is in its design phase and scheduled for a tentative launch in Q4, introducing powerful cross-margin futures which would further boost capital efficiency for both traders and LPs. We will also build an institutional-grade auto hedging tool for every LP to mitigate Impermanent Loss with one click.

We believe the future of DeFi users/volumes/liquidity will be multi-chain, similar to how cities and suburbs are connected. Our deployment strategy is clear — following the 🔥Closed Alpha🔥, a full-scale V1 launch will be live on Ethereum’s Mainnet and Polygon in July. Arbitrum and other networks may be shortly added to the list, after they complete a stringent internal safety review.

Closed Alpha FAQ

  1. What is the purpose of Closed Alpha?
    The Closed Alpha is an early testing period with a limited number of users (traders, LPs). SynFutures values users’ genuine experience and feedback which helps us build a better DeFi derivative infrastructure.
  2. Will my margin/position/LP token continue to exist after Closed Alpha?
    Yes. While the number of Closed Alpha participants are limited, SynFutures has already deployed V1 contracts whose address will remain unchanged in full-scale launch. All outstanding margin/position/LP tokens will be automatically carried over if there are any UI updates. Feel free to enter into long-dated futures.
  3. How do I provide feedback or report a bug to the dev team?
    SynFutures dev team is reachable through all of the above community channels. Alternatively, you can also send an email to
  4. How will the dev team use my feedback and proposals?
    Your feedback and proposals are valuable to the development of SynFutures, especially since you’re a part of the early users. Good feedback and proposals may also be entitled to advantages in future incentive program(s).
  5. Is there a governance or utility token required to participate?
    No. Currently, SynFutures has not yet launched any governance or utility tokens.
  6. Where can I get help during Closed Alpha?
    SynFutures has a dedicated support team available in the community channels (see below) in case assistance is needed during this period.

Join our community!👪

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