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SynFutures V2 Closed Alpha Has Begun!

Whitelisted addresses will get early access to the SynFutures V2 dApp ahead of the full mainnet launch in the upcoming weeks.

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After months of development and testing, we’re thrilled to begin the next phase of our V2 rollout — Closed Alpha! Get a sneak peek at the V2 mainnet.

Over the next few weeks, those who have registered and had their addresses whitelisted will be given early access to SynFutures V2 dApp ahead of the full mainnet launch, which is expected in Q4 2022.

Important note: V2 mainnet will be available on Polygon first, followed by other deployed chains. SynFutures V1 will still be fully functional during the V2 rollout.

V2 mainnet in Closed Alpha

Outside of UX/UX upgrades to enhance the trader and user experience, many of the features available during Closed Alpha were first introduced during the testnet:

  • Perpetual Futures, which brings endless futures contracts with native permissionless listings to SynFutures traders.
  • A brand new sAMM model to improve the liquidity provider experience.
  • Shared margin accounts, which improve a trader’s margin efficiency by up to 200%, providing traders with more flexible short and long position options.
  • Coin-margined Futures, which allow all native network tokens with a large community base, including coin-coin pairs and coin-USD stablecoin inverted pairs, to be used as margin on each deployed network.

Access V2 on Mobile

Once whitelisted, users will be able to access the SynFutures V2 platform from both web and mobile devices. Simply go to using your mobile device, connect your wallet, and access the SynFutures dApp in the wallet browser.

Future Updates

Other features outlined in the 2022 roadmap will be released after the full mainnet launch, including limit orders, NFTures (NFT Futures), and native multi-chain liquidity.

As we continue our V2 journey, we’d like to extend a huge thanks to our community of traders, LPs, and users. As always, your feedback is welcome and appreciated!

Have questions about V2? Reach out to us on Discord or Telegram.

About SynFutures

SynFutures is a next-generation derivatives exchange focused on creating an open and trustless derivatives market by enabling futures trading on anything, anytime, anywhere. By cultivating a free market and maximizing the variety of tradable assets, SynFutures is lowering the barrier to entry in the derivatives market, creating a more equitable market.

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