The Pearl Press — Issue 003

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5 min readApr 12, 2024


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Weekly Stats Recap

New Token Listings

Protocol Updates

Campaigns and Rewards

Ecosystem News

Weekly Stats Recap

This week, ​​we flipped dydx in 24-hour volume and crossed $18B in total volume. We’ll cross 1 million transactions over the next few days.

For more up-to-date stats, go to

New Token Listings

fwWETH is now live on SynFutures V3! Trade ETH/FWWETH with up to 10x leverage. But that’s not all! Users can add liquidity to the ETH/FWWETH pool for extra Blast Gold, Blast Points, $RING, O_O points, and Trading Grand Prix points.

Start trading!

MEW is live on V3! Trade with up to 10x leverage and add liquidity to $MEW/WETH pool for a limited time.

Start trading!

Protocol Updates

The first Oyster Odyssey (O_O points) snapshot has been taken!

Epoch 2 is now live with a major upgrade: both takers AND liquidity providers earn O_O points. 50% of the points awarded will be allocated to takers and 50% to LPs. Epoch 1 takers will also qualify for retroactive points based on their trading volume. Check out the latest Epoch 1 Leaderboard for your updated ranking.

Along with the release of Epoch 2, Season 2 of the Trading Grand Prix has commenced and is better than ever! Users will be ranked based on trading volume vs. total profit in Season 1. More opportunities = more chances to win rewards!

New Fee Tiers and Institutional Tooling

We announced the release of new fee tiers and institutional tools, including the V3 SDK. These VIP services will enhance the trading experience, making it more efficient and user-friendly for traders and liquidity providers on V3.

Read our recent post for more info.

Campaigns and Rewards

TGP Masters Winners Announced

After 4 weeks of heated competition, the Trading Grand Prix Masters ended. See the final results below:

🥇 1st Place with 83 points: @JandX_ — 150,000 USDB

🥈 2nd Place with 67 points: @CL207–75,000 USDB

🥉 3rd Place with 52 points: @naniXBT — 25,000 USDB

We want to thank all the traders who competed in the Masters, and look forward to seeing many of you in future competitions!

Season 2 of the TGP Open Begins!

While the Masters competition ended, Season 2 of the Open competition is just starting! USDB rewards are distributed weekly, but the most exciting part: rankings in Season 2 are based on total volume rather than total profit. We hope this change will further engage users to make moves onchain!

Join Season 2!

BWB Points Airdrop

The $BWB Points Airdrop campaign on Galxe has begun! From now until April 28th, join SynFutures and Bitget Wallet to receive an OAT and a future BWB airdrop. Get started.

Blast Off with SynFutures on Intract

Complete tasks and trade on V3 to win a limited edition NFT and an onchain mystery box airdrop of O_O points! 1000 winners will be named. Participate now until April 25th!

Blast Zone

This week, we hosted Synapse on X. Listen live or later as we chat with some of the trending projects in the Blast ecosystem.

Ecosystem News

We’re excited to announce a new integration with Renzo and its liquid restaking token ezETH!

SynFutures will launch ezETH-margined pools on V3, creating new LP opportunities and further expanding the reach of ezETH in the Blast ecosystem.

HK LP Mixer + TOKEN2049 Dubai

Last week, we hosted a mixer in Hong Kong during the HK Web3 festival with our friends at zkLink Nova and Traders Guild! Thanks to everyone who attended.

Our next event will be in Dubai during TOKEN2049. Join SynFutures, Pantera, Ring Protocol, and OKX Wallet at our exclusive LP Mixer. (RSVP is required; acceptance pending hosts’ approval.)

Community mods Crystal and Daniel show off SynFutures merch.

$PAC receives the most votes in our meme coin poll.

Make an Oyster Prediction and win weekly rewards!

We’re attending and supporting Southeast Asia Blockchain Week.

Week 4 TGP Open winners announced!

About SynFutures

SynFutures is a decentralized perpetual futures protocol that facilitates open and transparent trading on any assets and listings instantly. The V3 Oyster AMM launched the industry’s first-ever unified AMM and onchain order book model. Backed by top investors like Pantera, Polychain, Standard Crypto, Hashkey, and more, SynFutures has processed more than $23 billion in trading volume since its launch in 2021.

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