The Pearl Press — Issue 006

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3 min readMay 3, 2024


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Weekly Stats Recap

Protocol Updates

Campaigns and Rewards

Ecosystem News

Weekly Stats Recap

Protocol Updates

SynFutures Tops DEX Rankings

SynFutures flipped dydx (again!) and Hyperliquid to score the number one perp DEX spot on DefilLlama earlier this week. But that’s not all! According to data from CoinMarketCap, SynFutures v3 accounted for 12% dominance over decentralized exchange (DEX) volume over 24 hours, beating out Uniswap v3 for the top spot among all DEXs.

V3 Updates

V3 now has an improved UX and new functions, with more coming soon! Read about the latest updates and look back at past upgrades.

Blast Gold Distribution

We are thrilled to announce that SynFutures has received and airdropped 274,977 Blast Gold during the second round of Blast’s Blast Gold Distribution! Like in the first round, ALL of the Blast Gold we received has been distributed to our users.

SynFutures x Blast Gold Distribution: Round 2

Campaigns and Rewards

The Final Week of the TGP is live!

We’re wrapping up the last week of the Trading Grand Prix. Join Week 8 of the competition for your chance to score a spot among the top 100 and win USDB!

SynFutures Trading Grand Prix

TGP Master Class

Our CSO Matthew Liu talked to CL, a trading legend and 2nd place winner in the TGP Master competition, during a Master Class on X. SynFuturers tuned in to learn more about CL’s trading experience and took away insights to consider in their trading strategies.

Blast Gold Boost with Brahma

Until May 15, all Console users who engage with SynFutures will enjoy a double boost (2x) on their Blast Gold accrued through Brahma.

SynFutures x Brahma 2x Gold Booster

Ecosystem News

Rachel talks to Forbes

Users can claim their BWB points

Weekly Game Night

Oyster Prediction


Earn on Mobile

Optimized Portfolio Page

About SynFutures

SynFutures is a decentralized perpetual futures protocol that facilitates open and transparent trading on any assets and listings instantly. The V3 Oyster AMM launched the industry’s first-ever unified AMM and onchain order book model. Backed by top investors like Pantera, Polychain, Standard Crypto, Hashkey, and more, SynFutures has processed more than $23 billion in trading volume since its launch in 2021.

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