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Vote for a SynFutures Mascot! New Community Proposal

SynFutures DAO vote: new mascot

If you’ve been following SynFutures for some time, then you know SynFutures is committed to creating an open, decentralized, and permissionless derivatives market. With that in mind, we’ve been actively working toward a DAO through our pre-DAO committee, FutureX.

In January, we held a community vote to decide which chain to deploy on next. Now, as we look to expand our brand further and grow our presence within and outside of the Web3 community, we need your help again as we decide on the perfect SynFutures mascot!

Why a Mascot?

While mascots have long been synonymous with sports teams, they have become a growing part of the Web3 space with the proliferation of NFTs and digital identities. As such, we want the help of our DAO voters to decide what mascot best represents SynFutures. This mascot will be seen throughout our leadership program (set for launch soon), as well as across other content and campaigns.

Who is Eligible to Vote?

Trading competition 3 & 4 NFT holders

Eligible NFTs:

  • An emerald draped in red — Red Beryl
  • Water sapphire — Dichroite
  • Deep dream — Benitoite
  • The congealed sunset glow — Poudretteite
  • The Curiosity Elf
  • The Craftsman Elf
  • The Adventurer Elf
  • The Sage Elf

When does voting begin/end?

Voting begins on August 12th at 2:00 AM UTC and ends on August 19th at 2:00 AM UTC.

How to Vote

  1. Go to Snapshot.
  2. Connect your wallet, switch to the Polygon network, and provide the address where you hold your SynFutures NFTs.
  3. Vote for your favorite mascot (Inspiration examples for each mascot will be provided on Snapshot.)
  4. Fill out this form to complete the voting process:

Mascot Options

  • Bull Shark 🦈 The Bull Shark is a play on our “bullish” views for our platform and the DeFi market.
  • Roi the Raven 🐦 The raven symbolizes a wise mentor who is there every step of the way to guide you on your trading journey.
  • Perpetual Puffin 🐧 A symbol of hope and good luck, the puffin represents Synfutures’ long-term goals of democratizing the derivatives market.
  • Syn Serpent 🐍 Known to be a force of protection, the serpent represents SynFutures’ efforts to secure your positions using our sAMM model.
  • Sammbot 🤖 Inspired by Beybod from Big Hero 6, Sammbot is a robot-like, ‘synthetic’ character. He’ll become a supportive friend, who accompanies you as you trade on our platform.

About SynFutures

SynFutures is a next-generation derivatives exchange focused on creating an open and trustless derivatives market by enabling futures trading on anything, anytime, anywhere. By cultivating a free market and maximizing the variety of tradable assets, SynFutures is lowering the barrier to entry in the derivatives market, creating a more equitable derivatives market.

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