During some of my many journeys across the internet one of the things I’ve been called by “scientific” racists, nationalists, and pretend philosophers alike is “boomer.” I normally laugh this off and go back to talking about how they’re wrong about everything, but maybe I’m just missing something.

When these nationalists aren’t repeating the points of old crazy people like Pat Buchanan, Ann Coulter and Donald Trump, (before, of course, saying I just get studies from rich people) they’re repeating the points of the new cool generation of nationalists. Nick Fuentes is one of them, however, he’s such a memer I don’t really think I can write an article on him because I just know I’ll take one of his memes seriously. Faith Goldy however is more down to earth, by nationalist standards at least, so maybe she can help.

She recently released a video called “The Evils of Neo-Boomerism.” So I figured I better make sure I’m not evil.

I’ll simply go down the list of symptoms Faith believes put someone “at risk” of becoming a “Neo-Boomer” and see if I fit into them.

So, to be a neo-boomer, I have to “unironically believe”:

Immigration is what makes your country great

I certainly do not believe this. Nor do I believe native citizens are “what makes my country great.” I believe it is the people close to me that make the area I live in livable.

Points based immigration is good for the economy, and therefore the world

Oh, I definitely don’t believe this. As regular readers of mine know, even the most unskilled immigrant creates 1.2 jobs for native workers. Which is also 1.2 more jobs than Faith Goldy has ever created. Although that’s a peer reviewed study from a think tank, so that makes it wrong now.

For more information on this, watch this video by noted High IQ Libertarian Alpha Shane Killian.

Population replacement is just a pesky little conspiracy theory

Population replacement (I’ll be nice and call them) concerns are as old as the process of immigration. For those who would like to see a nice debunking of at least one version of this theory, here’s Shaun doing just that.

I should note that even if a great replacement is happening, I have bigger things to worry about. If my race can’t survive these “inferior races,” my race is better off gone. Evolution works my friends, and it’s called the Darwin Awards for a reason.

A nation isn’t based on shared identity, but shared values.

Who says those are exclusive? The people of North and South Korea have basically the same race, but they do have different identities. Most notably, where they stand on being ruled by communist dictators.

Identity politics are bad, but our blacks are better than there blacks

I do actually hate Candace Owens.

Capitalism is what makes our country unique

Well I hope not. Capitalism is such a great idea that I hope it spreads to every nation, to the point where a country being capitalist is as common as a country having humans.

By the way, Faith lives in Canada, of which there are seven countries that are more capitalist.

Conservatives ought to stick to lowering taxes and leave social issues aside

Can you guys at least cut taxes before you complain about how you only do that? Reagan raised the taxes of the bottom half of the country, Bush didn’t cut them one bit, and any tax cut I got from Trump is being eaten up by tariffs (which are taxes).

Individualism and the enlightenment is what makes our countries great

You guys ever notice how these people oppose individualism up until there’s some way they differ from the crowd.

The separation of church and state is what makes our countries great

I refer you to my previous comment.

The state has no place in the bedroom of its citizens

One thing I’ve noticed with culture warriors is that none of them ever seem to realize the groups they hate often get into power. Or, as Pat Buchanan himself put it in a recent article:

In the Roaring ’20s the “vices” of booze and gambling were outlawed. Now they are major sources of state revenue.

Divorce was a rarity. Now half of all marriages are dissolved.

After the sexual revolution of the ’60s, births out of wedlock rocketed to where 40 percent of all children are born without a father in the home, as are half of Hispanics and 70 percent of all black children.

Pornography, which used to bring a prison term, today dominates cable TV. Marijuana, once a social scourge, is the hot new product. And Sen. Kamala Harris wants prostitution legalized.

In the lifetime of many Americans, homosexuality and abortion were still scandalous crimes. They are now cherished constitutional rights.

Of course, some of this is nonsense. It was never the case half of all marriages ended in divorce outside of the first few years after divorce became more available. And I’m pretty sure you can’t show porn on TV unless you specifically pay for the network.

So tell me Faith, what happens when President Pete Buttigieg (or in the case of your country Prime Minister Sheri Benson) determines the government does have a place in the bedroom, just not in the way you want it to be.

The more freedom the better the country

So which one crazy fad almost no one is following means we should abolish freedom this time?

Seriously, have you ever noticed just how rare the examples they give are? Less then ten cities had that “Drag Queen Story Hour,” thing months ago and they’re still on it. Drag kids are so rare (and more the fault of pageant moms than “le gay agenda”) they barley count as human.

Universal suffrage was a great idea

Didn’t you try running for mayor of Toronto?

Demographics be damned democracy is the best darn political system we have

I’ll give you Democracy is bad, but it’s not because of minorities. Democracy is bad because the majority of people are complete idiots who are easy to manipulate.

Islam is bad for Jews and homosexuals which are the main reasons why our country ought to reject it

Don’t believe this

The West was found on Judeo-Christians values

Also don’t believe this. It was founded on (or at least only started being worth keeping because of) enlightenment values that Church’s opposed nonstop.

The biggest threat to the West is Iran

And don’t believe this

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