Do Democrats Just Not Want A Base?

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The recent fight between Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Justice Democrats such as Rep. Cortez and Omar show the Democrats simply do not want a base anymore. Back in the day, they understood you need both the 44% and the “mushy 12%” to win.

Here are some people who side with Nancy Pelosi in this fight:

  • Donald Trump
  • Megan McCain
  • Rep. Dan Crenshaw

As someone who considers himself a capitalist, I do side with Pelosi much more often than I do Cortez. However, I also do consider myself a Democrat (or at least, closer to one than a Republican), and as such I do want the party I support to win more often than they lose.

Here’s a look at double think: According to the DNC the reason Hillary Clinton lost was because of Bernie supporters causing Hillary Clinton to lose swing states. Yet, we can’t run someone like Bernie Sanders because we would lose the same rust belt states Hillary Clinton lost, that Bernie supporters caused her to lose.

Of course, this argument is still nonsense. 92% of Bernie voters also voted for Hillary Clinton. The actual reason she lost was a combination of her not campaigning in swing states, and the Electoral College system being bias in favor of Republicans.

Trump only barley managed to win the vast majority of swing states. Winning Florida with 49%, Michigan with 48%, Ohio with 52%, and Georgia with 50%, and Wisconsin with 47%. Yet, this same man had a landslide victory in the electoral college system in spite of the fact that even when he won it was only by the skin of his teeth.

Here are the states that Bernie won in the primary and Trump won in the general

  • Oklahoma (7 electoral votes)
  • Kansas (6 electoral votes)
  • Nebraska (5 electoral votes)
  • Michigan (16 electoral votes)
  • Idaho (4 electoral votes)
  • Utah (6 electoral votes)
  • Alaska (3 electoral votes)
  • Wisconsin (10 electoral votes)
  • Wyoming (3 electoral votes)
  • Indiana (11 electoral votes)
  • West Virginia (5 electoral votes)
  • Montana (3 electoral votes)
  • North Dakota (3 electoral votes)

Adding this to Hillary Clinton’s 227 electoral votes shows Bernie Sanders could have gotten 309 Electoral Votes. Mind you, that’s lower than any elected Democrat since Jimmy Carter, but it was also higher than any losing Democrat period.

While swing voters are important, if you don’t have a base those swing voters mean nothing. Of course, you can’t run Noam Chomsky as a Democrat and win every House district, yet, the DNC is taking those few examples of white noise as proof they have to be neo-liberals. Even if you are a neo-liberal, you would be an idiot if you believed this is how to win elections.

When Alexandra Ocasio Cortez defeated Joe Crowley in the primary back in 2018, it showed there was some mandate among Democrats for more socialist ideas (ideas, again, I disagree with). Critics of Justice Democrats try to ignore this by stating they haven’t flipped a single seat, although I guess it’s just sort of by magic that she was the candidate the media talked about the most and that election led to them picking up 41 seats in the House of Representatives.

John Boehner and Mitch McConnell worked with the right-wing extremist Tea Party and diluted it into becoming a bunch of normal conservatives. The Democrats do not wish to do the same with Justice Democrats and are instead pulling it more towards socialism.

The current biggest smear against Justice Democrats is they’re racist because they’re running against Black Democrats. Yes, the Congressional Black Caucus actually said that.

Apparently the fact that the first candidate picked by Justice Democrats, Cori Bush, is a black woman isn’t enough. Neither is the fact that almost none of the candidates being run by Justice Democrats are white.

Still, some feel Cortez should just listen to her betters. As if she isn’t also an elected member of Congress, but you just happen to be older for her. I recall Feinstein saying she was just elected as a response to why she didn’t support the Green New Deal, as if Cortez just fell out of the sky.

The Democrats want to lose, the party is run by failures, and Republicans are happy to fill the vacuum.

Writer On Both History And Politics; Peaceful Globalist; Follow My Twitter: @EphromJosine1

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