Goodbye C2 Encryption Key, hello passkeys!

How passkeys revolutionize the way you sign in to C2 services

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Synology C2


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Passkeys as an alternative sign-in option

Synology C2, your trusted cloud solution, is now introducing passkeys to redefine your authentication experience. With this development, we’re enhancing the way you secure your data and simplifying your access to Synology C2 services.

This authentication technology marks a departure from conventional C2 Encryption Keys, offering a new way to interact with your C2 services.

Join us in this blog as we explore the concept of passkeys, the positive impact they have on security and the user experience, and their integration into Synology C2.

Understanding passkeys and passwordless authentication

Passkeys are a new and efficient way to sign in or authenticate yourself on websites and services, providing a secure and convenient alternative to traditional passwords. At their core, passkeys leverage advanced cryptographic techniques to randomly generate a unique code for sign-ins.

Many industry leaders, like Apple, Microsoft, and Google, have already implemented passkeys in their systems, streamlining their sign-in processes and improving all-around usability.

The benefits of passkeys

Since passkeys utilize biometric sensors, PINs, and patterns, they can’t be written down or saved anywhere, making them basically unhackable and unphishable to attackers. When you sign in using a passkey from your device (i.e., with Face ID or fingerprint recognition), the service recognizes you immediately and unlocks.

This is good news for you — no more needing to memorize passwords, and your account security is much stronger.

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By eliminating the need for password authentication, security is improved and the risk of unauthorized access is significantly reduced. In conclusion, passkeys provide a seamless and user-friendly experience, all while helping improve overall security and accessibility.

Passkeys as the new C2 Encryption Keys

Synology C2 services were designed with data encryption in mind, and thus implemented the use of the C2 Encryption Key. Although this has played a pivotal role in securing user data, we often get asked why a C2 Encryption Key is necessary when you already have Synology Account. In short, the encryption key adds dual-layer protection to your data to protect them from unauthorized access.

However, to address your concerns over convenience and security, and to streamline the setup process, we have decided to follow the lead of other industry giants and integrate passkeys as an alternative to the C2 Encryption Key.

With that, not only can you expect a more straightforward and simplified authentication process, but you’ll also get enhanced protection of your valuable data.

Some passkeys can be set up via facial recognition on your phone

With passkey support on both browsers and mobile applications, signing in to your C2 accounts is now easier than ever.

No more cumbersome passwords — just the ease of using your face, fingerprint, or a personalized PIN to seamlessly unlock the digital doorway to your data.

Embrace passkeys for a secure and convenient C2 sign-in experience

The integration of passkeys into Synology C2 services marks a significant step towards a more secure and convenient user experience, aligning with Synology’s commitment to creating products that prioritize both security and usability.

By utilizing passkeys, you get the benefit of advanced security measures without compromising usability. We encourage all of our users to explore and start using passkeys to level-up the protection and accessibility of their data.

Once set up, you can use that device to sign in without a C2 Encryption Key

Embrace passkeys — your key to a more secure and convenient Synology C2 experience awaits. Say goodbye to cumbersome passwords and hello to the future of authentication!

Get your passkeys set up right away

Ready to set up passkeys now?

In the C2 Password app, you can just enable Face ID or your fingerprint in settings. For other C2 services, see unlock C2 services with passkeys for step-by-step instructions. To make things a bit easier, we’ve made sure that you can do all of this right from your web browser.

Want to learn more about the inner workings of C2 services? We’ve got you covered. Check out our C2 security white papers for all the gritty details.

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