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Just imagine for a moment that you’re an HR manager. How many contracts and agreements will you be sending out every day for employees, partners, and job candidates to sign? Or let’s say you’re a sales lead, the number of signatures you need to get from all the clients you work with must be pretty overwhelming as well.

Day in and day out, companies seem to face a constant flux of documents waiting to be signed. The signatures of both internal staff and external parties are required to ensure collaboration, transaction, non-disclosure, privacy, and everything crucial to company success.

Due to the sheer number of such files, many tend to send them through easily accessible tools like email and instant messaging apps, including WhatsApp, Viber, LINE, etc. With the ubiquity of smartphones, especially, it seems even more tempting to turn to these channels.

Have you been sacrificing security for convenience?
However, such traditional tools often lack proper security measures, which can incur data leak, identity theft, and other forms of malicious attacks. The next thing you know, the company’s sensitive info might have fallen into the wrong hands already. Although many of us might have jumped straight to the “sign here” section without reading all the terms and conditions that sound like Greek, corporate agreements are known to be packed with confidential and proprietary info. With so much at stake, businesses can’t afford to ignore the pitfalls of sending files through insecure channels.

Recently, unsanctioned WhatsApp communications in the US military and former UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock’s use of Gmail for government matters have both raised concerns about such consumer-level products. Research by The Conversation also shows that 7 out of 10 smartphone apps share user data with third-party services. And of course, let’s not forget about the jaw-dropping revelation of how Cambridge Analytica collected the personal info of millions of users through a seemly harmless quiz app. When it comes to the security of commonly used messaging apps, below is what a 2020 study found.

[Comparison of all the apps we tested] Image by <Talal Haj Bakry and Tommy Mysk> on <source website>

A robust remedy to curb the risky practice
This is where Synology’s C2 Transfer can save the day, a modern file transfer solution providing maximum security without sacrificing user-friendliness. Whenever you need to send something, simply upload it to C2 Transfer. Enter the recipient’s email address or phone number, and a shareable link to the file will be generated. Once the recipient clicks on the link, the system will show a prompt to enter an email address or phone number before sending out a unique one-time password (OTP). The recipient will then need to enter the OTP for identity verification in order to download the file via the shared link.

C2 Transfer sends an OTP to the recipient’s email or phone number for verification

In addition to the two-step user identity check, the platform also allows you to protect your data from deliberate tampering. You can add a watermark to avoid illegal copying, set an expiration date for the link to become invalid after a certain period, and configure a download limit. The platform also enforces end-to-end encryption to make sure your content is safe at every stage of the transmission.

Where e-signing comes into play
Another handy tool I’d recommend using with C2 Transfer is the Fill & Sign feature in Adobe Acrobat Reader, especially in a time when remote working has become more prevalent than ever due to the pandemic.

E-signing removes the confines of time and location, allowing all involved parties to collaborate across borders and time zones. You can easily download any agreement sent through the encrypted C2 channel and safely populate all the necessary info and your e-signature in a local device. When you’re done, simply return it through C2 Transfer again, with no risk of cyber interception or need for any paper and ink.

Combined with C2 Transfer, e-signing can shorten the turnaround time and improve business efficiency. Environmentally speaking, this is also an eco-friendly alternative that’ll allow you to go truly green.

Trade in the old for the new
The security of digital assets is all the more important nowadays with so much going on in the online workspace. This is especially true for corporate contracts and agreements due to the personal and sensitive info these documents usually contain. An effective tool to prevent potential foul play, C2 Transfer provides a modernized platform to replace conventional channels like email and messaging apps. Better yet, it’s just as easy to use as the old pals. Coupled with e-signing, C2 Transfer makes a simple yet optimal solution that brings together the best of both worlds, giving you a secured and organized approach to file handling.

C2 Transfer is now open for free trial. Register by the end of 2021, and you can claim your 90-day pass without giving any credit card info. Check it out now!

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