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5 min readMay 26, 2022


What is a password manager?

With the number of your accounts that require unique and complicated passwords ever-increasing, what can we do to keep track of them all? Luckily, nowadays you can easily store and manage all of your credentials, personal info, and more with a dedicated password manager.

Dedicated password managers allow you to always have access to your credentials when you need them, regardless of the device you’re using. This is in stark contrast to browser-based password managers, which limit you to using one browser only.

Imagine this…

You’re using Chrome at the office, but you use Firefox and Edge at home, and you don’t have a secure way to store your login credentials and passwords. The only thing you can do is store your passwords in unsecured browsers or excel spreadsheets/notes without any particular order. This not only leaves your crucial data vulnerable to malware attacks, but also makes your life less convenient when you have to find your password every time you need to log in to a service.

With a password manager browser extension, you get secure and seamless cross-browser password syncing without being limited to a single browser or device. All you have to do is save your items (usernames, passwords, URLS) in the web portal, and all of your login info will automatically be filled in when logging in to the websites you use.

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Your next-level browser extension

C2 Password, the real one-stop-shop password manager you’ve been waiting for has arrived, and it’s available on Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and in the app store.

C2 Password stores your accounts for easy access

Following the installation and configuration of C2 Password, enter your services’ account details into C2 Password’s My Vault to store all your account credentials. Then, enter your C2 Encryption Key; a one-password method that allows you to access all your valuable accounts. Once you’ve unlocked it, you just need to go a website you use and C2 Password will auto-fill in your login info, instantly signing you in at any time, and from anywhere and any device.

Auto-save on the go

There may be some days that you don’t have the time or forget to input your new login info for new websites into the password manager system. Maybe you’re busy, or you didn’t think about it at the time. Whatever the reason, C2 Password has got you covered!

Automatically save login info when you sign in to a service

C2 Password helps you to automatically save passwords and login data for websites. Once a password is saved, you don’t need to manually type it in the next time you want to sign in. Plus, the extension will also help you to update the passwords of any saved credentials if they’ve been changed. Of course, if you don’t want C2 Password to save your login info for a particular site, you can select Don’t ask again for this site.

Support for multiple accounts

What about when you have multiple accounts on the same service? C2 Password still has the best solution for this. Let’s say you have multiple YouTube accounts in My Vault. Simply go to the drop-down list and the password field will be filled automatically. You can do this for all of your other accounts too, like Instagram, Gmail, etc.

Use C2 Password for multiple accounts on the same service

More than just passwords

If you’re thinking that C2 Password is just for your social media accounts, think again. C2 Password allows you to save much more than just passwords. You also get cloud storage to store essential information, such as your personal ID, payment info, and even your bank account details. Plus, there’s no need to worry about security, since your data is always encrypted before storage on the cloud.

Guard your data with auto-lock

To keep your data even more secure and avoid unauthorized access, the C2 Password extension will be locked every time you re-open your browser. You can adjust this setting by changing the duration that it is locked for or the situation that will trigger it. For example, you can set auto-lock to be triggered when the screen is locked. By enabling this setting, you can rest assured that your device will never be left unguarded.

Get started for free

C2 Password’s free version provides encrypted password storage, with password generation, password strength detection, cross-device syncing, and Time-Based One-Time Passwords (TOTP).

C2 Password’s Plus plan even offers a Shared Vault, where you can safely share your credentials with others. All you need is your C2 Encryption Key (master key), and you’re good to go!

Now that’s real convenience, without compromising your data security. Why settle for less than you deserve, when you can have more reliable and secure protection with a dedicated password manager like C2 Password?

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Written in collaboration with Arden Lim.