Syntropy Stack Launches

Jonas Simanavicius
Jan 5 · 7 min read

Today, we are proud to announce the launch of Syntropy Stack, a major step towards making our technology the unifying layer of the entire internet.

Making the internet better is not easy. Needing to replace the entire system adds even more difficulty. That’s why we were adamant from the start that Syntropy be compatible with the world’s current infrastructure.

We want everything on the internet to be built on Syntropy. This would transform how businesses and individuals alike interact digitally, knowing that all data is encrypted by default, and that congestion, censorship, and outages are minimized.

But Syntropy goes beyond the current internet’s capabilities. If developers can build knowing that performance and security are built-in, new possibilities emerge.

Syntropy Stack pushes this grand vision into reality by allowing developers to build directly on Syntropy. Applications and tools can be easily deployed on top of our unifying layer, eventually supporting all internet-connected devices and data communication protocols.

Syntropy Stack

Syntropy Stack includes all of the necessary tools and documentation to begin building on Syntropy.

The Syntropy Stack is a collection of tools and libraries to seamlessly create, automate, scale, and optimize encrypted connections between any devices or services running on a cloud, on-premise, or edge location.

Syntropy Stack removes the difficulty of creating secure optimized connections. It is built for developers to integrate secure connection capability into their applications as well as DevOps teams to fully automate networks for their application deployments. Syntropy Stack allows connecting most systems via programmable APIs, SDK, CLI and configuration files.

The main technical components include:

  • Programmable API — Use APIs to easily manage Syntropy Networks from your applications and development workflows.

We strongly suggest you review our full collection of developer resources here.

New Possibilities

Existing applications built on the current public internet will be compatible with Syntropy. That means most existing services and technologies can be ported to use our network, with encryption and performance automatically integrated into their connections. Syntropy Stack provides the tools and documentation for this process to occur.

Full compatibility with the current system makes everything that uses the internet better. Let’s look at a few examples.

Use case for the Internet

Every application people use on a daily basis uses the Internet as its communication protocol. Applications are deployed on millions of servers around the world, interacting with each other and hundreds of millions of devices worldwide including servers, IoT devices, routers, and mobile phones. As we have proved, the Internet is sub-optimal in performance and has security gaps left to cover by individual developers.

We believe Syntropy will become the de-facto technology to build applications and networking technologies upon. Think of any internet-connected devices that require communication — ride sharing apps, video streaming, messaging platforms, software as a service applications, web platforms, gaming, you name it. What they all have in common is a need for secure and optimized communication.

Scaling these applications is hard, forcing companies to invest heavily to build their own layers of technology to cope with problems arising on the public Internet.

Syntropy provides a networking technology layer which can be used out of the box using open source and well-established technologies to create secure and optimized connections easily, serving their customers the best possible user experience.

Just as Cloud removed the complexity for developers to manage hardware infrastructure, Syntropy gives them an internet that optimizes for their users.


Blockchain changed the world forever by making technological decentralization a reality. However, it still needs the internet to operate, meaning these technologies face the same challenges when it comes to performance and security. Today, much of blockchain technology remains completely reliant on centralized technologies.

Modern blockchain systems heavily rely on software and internet technologies such as automated deployments, logging, alerting, and monitoring, as well as secure communication protocols. Syntropy is tailored to optimize and secure these communications, which makes running various blockchain node systems a single-command exercise without requiring a dedicated DevOps and engineering team.

Software is evolving into decentralized applications (dApps) running on widely dispersed infrastructure both geographically as well as different providers and hardware. Blockchain systems and validators are prime targets for having difficulty communicating over the public internet securely and efficiently.

Imagine a blockchain system interacting autonomously with decentralized micro-services to establish secure connections with peers and paying for a high performance and secure data transfer without human interaction.

This is Syntropy.

Syntropy Platform

Most of our community is familiar with the Syntropy Platform, formerly known as the NOIA Platform. This is a next-gen networking technology that we built to target all existing and future software deployments starting with individual developers as well as enterprises.

Companies spend billions to route traffic along public and private clouds securely and efficiently, still facing outages and security breaches every day. Their data is vulnerable as zero information is encrypted by default. Performance also slows as there is no global intelligence that guides the packets along the best-performing path. These drawbacks cost businesses time and money and degrades end user experience.

The Syntropy Platform makes it easy to deploy and automate massive networks in a few clicks, with all of the traffic riding on the Syntropy Network, ensuring security and performance.

Start building on Syntropy Stack

Syntropy Stack allows building new applications which need to create secure VPN tunnels between internet-connected endpoints, without also creating the technology and networking layers behind it. Developers can use Syntropy to create modern VPN applications, platforms, and applications for secure communication and data transmission. Your applications can finally create secure and optimized connections dynamically, both long and short-lived.

The Syntropy Stack is built by network engineers for network engineers. Our team has decades of combined experience working with the current paradigms of network engineering, and we have found a way to not only reduce the time needed to build these infrastructures but also limit the opportunities that bad actors have to exploit them.

Development has begun

With the launch of Syntropy Stack, development of the Syntropy ecosystem will officially begin.

We are aiming to have thousands, and eventually millions of applications built on Syntropy, from highly-technical use cases to tools you use everyday like Slack or Telegram. This ecosystem will help push a majority of web traffic onto our network, with the NOIA Token functioning as the “gas” of the internet.

None of this will be built overnight. That’s why this initial launch of Syntropy Stack is so valuable. It’s also why we’re hand-selecting developers and partners to begin using these tools.

We’ve received thousands of inbound requests to start building on Syntropy. With a long waitlist of potential users, ensuring a seamless and successful first impression will be critical. Building on Syntropy should be simple, easy, and even fun. Syntropy Stack provides the tools to do so, but by working with small groups of initial adopters, we can refine the user experience as we approach full self-service.

We have already onboarded our first batch of early access developers, with plans to add several dozen more in the weeks ahead. This is by no means a private endeavor. You will see new code and applications being pushed live this quarter, demonstrating the ability for anyone to leverage our network for any purpose.

Next steps

When our project first began many years ago, we were a small team building tech to improve the internet. Over time, this vision grew immensely. The end result is Syntropy, a movement to push the internet to do what it should have done in the first place.

With Syntropy Stack now live, and third-party developers already building new use cases, we are quickly approaching the final milestones of our roadmap sprint. Expect many advancements regarding Syntropy Stack and ecosystem building in the weeks ahead, plus news on other important areas including our public node program, staking, tokenomics, DARP, and much more.

Join our Telegram and follow our Twitter to stay informed.


Connecting Internet into One.


Syntropy is transforming the public internet into a secure and user-centric internet through a unifying layer where encryption and optimized performance are built-in and automatically enabled for anything and everything connected to it.

Jonas Simanavicius

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Syntropy is transforming the public internet into a secure and user-centric internet through a unifying layer where encryption and optimized performance are built-in and automatically enabled for anything and everything connected to it.

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