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Enterprise Adoption of Syntropy is Gaining Momentum

Sports Betting and Gaming Giant Entain is a Leader in the Adoption of Syntropy to Improve the Internet for Web3.

In my year-end update, I reviewed the tremendous progress the Syntropy team and community have made to leverage blockchain technology to create an open distributed framework that delivers the network performance, security, and manageability improvements required to support the increased demands of emerging technologies Web3 applications. I also shared that several enterprise customers were using Syntropy in their production environments to solve real-world network challenges that they were facing. I am now super proud that global sports betting and gaming giant Entain has publicly announced that it has incorporated Syntropy’s technology into its cutting-edge enterprise technology stack. Entain is on an exciting growth path exploring and leading the way for entertainment in the Metaverse, NFTs, and other exciting projects. Syntropy helps Entain provide its customers the best online experience, improving network performance, security, and ease of use for its prevalent modern sports betting and Web3 services.

Entain is listed on the London Stock Exchange, a member of the FTSE 100 Index, and owner of recognizable brands including bwin, BetMGM, Coral, Ladbrokes, PartyPoker, and Sportingbet, which help generate more than $5 billion in annual revenue. The company operates in 31 regulated or regulating territories. Entain has a workforce of more than 25,000 employees, highlighting its need to reduce the latency and improve the reliability and security of its worldwide network.

Entain’s use of Syntropy represents the beginning of a major paradigm shift as enterprises embrace blockchain-enabled decentralized networking as they transition to the emerging Web3 model that brings increased requirements for network performance.

Click here to view the full Entain Success Story

For decades, the Internet has been limited by the use of now outdated technologies built into its core. Lack of native encryption and suboptimal data routing across networks result in security breaches and poor customer experience, which often translates into lost profits. Syntropy is a thin layer of measurement and routing software that runs on top of the public Internet. This provides improved global intelligence, programmability, and built-in encryption without requiring any new hardware and without losing any of the capabilities of the underlying Internet.

Syntropy is paving the way for mainstream enterprise adoption of decentralized blockchain technologies to support the increased requirement for global networking performance to support the Web3 applications that are quickly emerging and will soon dominate. I believe that virtually any enterprise can benefit by adopting the Syntropy decentralized open network framework that can be rapidly implemented and requires no additional physical infrastructure. Leading enterprises like Entain are already adopting Syntropy.

We look forward to more adoption from every sector of the global economy, from enterprise tech to DevOps, from telecom to blockchain, and beyond.

Thank you for being part of this journey, and I look forward to chatting with you on our Telegram Channel.




Syntropy is an open project providing next-generation connectivity technology for the Internet, powered by $NOIA ⚡️

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Domas Povilauskas

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