Introducing Amber Chain: One Step Closer to the Syntropy Blockchain Launch

Amber Chain enables the release of our node software, the onboarding of validators, and ERC20 smart contract integration.

Domas Povilauskas
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3 min readSep 14, 2021


The technological infrastructure necessary to support the long-term development of Syntropy Blockchain takes another step forward on September 14 with the launch of Amber Chain.

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Throughout the centuries, Amber has preserved its status as a prized gemstone. Our ancestors treasured its magical, protective, and healing powers. When you look closely, there are often things of value hidden inside — inclusions, suspended for millions of years, providing us with perfectly preserved information about flora and fauna that existed at that time.

Amber acts as a natural ledger for records left for us millions of years ago, helping to advance multiple fields of scientific research. It acts a natural store of value, delivering that value to those who discover it today.

This initial network phase will support us with the resources and know-how, working as an active development environment facilitating the Syntropy Blockchain launch. Starting as a proof-of-authority (POA) will enable us to have a live, running chain to support the release of our node software and the onboarding of validators. We can then transition the blockchain to a nominated proof-of-stake (NPoS) concept when those stages are complete, creating a consensus-driven network.

“This event will mark the formal launch of the Syntropy blockchain, allowing us to onboard validators, integrate the ERC-20 smart contracts, and move towards the full release of our technology.”

— Jonas Simanavicius, CTO at Syntropy

The node software and blockchain launched as part of Amber Chain will be the same infrastructure used to support the release of our Validator smart contract that fully integrates the NOIA token. Please note that network validators may need to update their software over time to remain properly connected.

Follow the documentation below to install a Syntropy Validator node:

In addition to establishing the necessary infrastructure for full launch, Amber Chain will help us collect data on which hardware requirements work best. We’ll be gaining valuable insights at the same time the network itself forms and grows.


What is Amber Chain?

Amber Chain is a proof-of-authority (POA) version of the Syntropy chain, working as an active development environment facilitating the Syntropy Blockchain launch.

How do I run a node?

Simply follow the instructions in the documentation which you can find here. Because Amber Chain is a POA chain, we will be manually onboarding the respective validators that registered and qualified via the staking portal.

Why does the chain start as POA?

Before the ERC20 contract can be integrated, enabling consensus, there must be onboarded validators capable of driving the consensus algorithm. Starting as a POA chain allows us to get these validators in place. The transition to proof-of-stake will occur at a later stage.

Will the Amber Chain use NOIA tokens?

The initial release will not use NOIA tokens until all validators are onboarded and the ERC20 validator smart contract is released and integrated.

Where can I find more information on validator staking?

You can register as a validator here. Feel free to dive into our staking one-pager, open economy one-pager, or our full tokenomics paper if you wish to learn more.

Facing any issues running a Syntropy Validator node?

Don’t worry, we have fantastic community managers and tech-savvy community members who will help you. Solve your problems by joining our Syntropy Telegram group, or Syntropy Discord server.