NOIA Releases Roadmap for Launch

Domantas Jaskunas
Sep 23, 2020 · 6 min read

Ahead of launch, our strategic priorities are clear. Now is the time to share our internal roadmap which outlines the final steps before launch.

We can’t thank you enough for your consistent support. The entire team is excited for this upcoming six-month sprint.

Our four strategic priorities ahead of launch comprise Network, Product, Tokenomics, and Branding. We just began a hiring surge (~20 new developers), and will soon be fully-staffed to execute on these milestones.

NOIA Roadmap: upcoming six-month sprint


This six-month sprint follows several years of hard work by our team, community, and partners. At the finish, a Programmable Internet becomes reality.

One of the biggest milestones will be the start of network usage. A fully-functional network allows products like the NOIA Platform to begin routing traffic. This roadmap will navigate us through the production stage to generate the first traffic on NOIA Network.

Network Pre-Launch

The Pre-Launch deployment will be a network spanning a few hundred different locations, running on dozens of different cloud provider networks globally. This establishes an initial backbone to serve as a test network before being connected to the NOIA Platform for its launch.

This phase is critical as it allows us to test the performance of virtually all cloud provider networks, evaluate all possible routes within each cloud network, determine capacity needs ahead of production, and more.

The Pre-Launch deployment will generate a significant amount of valuable data, which we will make publicly available, revealing the state of the global cloud ecosystem for the first time.

DARP Launch

Our Distributed Autonomous Routing Protocol (DARP) will bring the power of blockchain to the public internet. DARP produces real-time data on millions, and eventually billions of pathways along the internet. This power allows the network to create a performance-based internet experience.

At this stage, DARP will be implemented into the Pre-Launch environment, meaning every cloud network will communicate with each other, sending one-way pulses to form an internet performance matrix.

DARP’s internet matrix adds a performance layer to the network and all products built on top of it, including the NOIA Platform.

Network Launch (Production)

A production-ready NOIA Network would represent a great technological achievement, as it’s an incredibly sophisticated and innovative SDN technology deployment.

At this stage, the NOIA Network (powered by DARP) will be available to NOIA Platform users, who can start sending real traffic through the network. This constitutes the first production version of NOIA Network.

Continuous testing will take place, as well as various tweaks and improvements as we prepare for the public launch of the network.

Network Launch (Public) (NOIA Node Program Start)

This is where NOIA Network takes a huge leap forward. For the first time, the network will be open to anyone, anywhere. What makes this possible is the start of our NOIA Node Program, which enables the network itself to grow over time.

Anyone will be able to contribute to the network. Network participants running NOIA Node and DARP software will be rewarded for relaying the traffic of NOIA Platform customers.

We believe the Node Program will provide sufficient means to build one of the largest backbones on the Internet, starting with several thousand nodes within the first few months of launch.


The NOIA Platform is the first application to run on NOIA Network. It’s set to demonstrate a clear and valuable use case for our technology. The Platform provides a simple way to create and manage secure networks between any type of device that connects to the network.

We expect the NOIA Platform to become a universal tool for network management, whether you’re a developer looking to set up a private network for yourself, or an enterprise customer seeking to manage and secure your entire network infrastructure.

The enterprise market, which already incurs steep costs due to internet connectivity issues, could garner adoption quickly. Making it available to any developer worldwide provides greater scalability potential.

The goal of the NOIA Platform is to make private networks easy. That goal will be realized within this six-month sprint.

Cloud Marketplace Integrations

We’re building the NOIA Platform with direct feedback from enterprise giants like Oracle. This makes us more confident that these partners and their customers will adopt our tech. Most importantly, we want this product to be available to every business around the world.

One way to make it readily available to these businesses is to list the NOIA Platform on the marketplaces of major cloud providers. That way, all of their global cloud users can instantly access and use the NOIA Platform.

We already have relationships with these cloud providers, including a partnership with Oracle, and we are working on additional marketplace integrations. Our goal is to get NOIA Platform on every available marketplace. This serves to ensure our network has as much long-term demand as possible.

NOIA Platform Launch

A number of different pilots and trials are being done with the Platform while it’s being completed. The underlying technology is 90% finished, with UI and UX considerations also in the final stage.

We are now working out the pricing model with our pilot partners, and expect first revenue to come in shortly after these details are finalized.

NOIA Platform Self-Service

This is when the NOIA Platform becomes accessible to anyone in just a few clicks. Within the context of the private network industry, this is a major difference maker and a competitive advantage for NOIA.

Network products are typically hidden behind gateways, forcing customers to go through a sales representative first. This adds cost, time, and complexity to the user experience.

The NOIA Platform is a lean and simple-to-use alternative that will be available to every developer. Making it fully self-service not only makes the product easily accessible, but also provides greater potential for scalability.


During this six-month sprint, our team will provide a complete scope of details regarding the tokenization of the NOIA Network. The upcoming Node Program & Staking Model announcements, as well as the V.2 of the Tokenomics Paper, will ensure clarity and transparency of the token utility, velocity, distribution schedule, and value framework.

Node Program & Staking Model

After a thoughtful and thorough analysis, we will publicly release details for the revamped Node Program. Our updated strategy will allow us to build one of the largest backbones on the internet. Details will include a network capacity expansion plan, node compensation, staking requirements and rewards, and more.

Tokenomics V.2 Paper Release

The release of the V.2 Tokenomics Paper will detail the more technical aspects of the network and token. It will present the findings of our statistical modeling and analysis of token velocity, further examining the token utility within the context of the model. It will also show how network usage can be used to determine the value of the network.


In preparation for both the Platform and the Network launch, we are closely looking at the NOIA brand itself. From day one, NOIA’s image has been incredibly technical and oftentimes quite foreign to the average person.

As we coordinate NOIA’s long-term future, we want our brand to become more accessible and relatable. We want to start shaping our image now to prepare for what’s coming next.

The first application on the NOIA Network will be the NOIA Platform, but the scope of our ambition reaches much further than that. As we grow, we want the applications we build and use-cases we target to be accessible to more people, creating value for everyone, not only enterprise users.

For these reasons, we’re starting to shape the brand ahead of time.

Brand Revamp

Reaching our product, network, and tokenomics milestones will take priority, but over the next few months, our design team will finalize our refreshed branding strategy. This will include a new look and feel, along with the general philosophy for how we see our brand transforming over the long term.

Once the vision for our brand is finalized, we’ll be launching the newly-branded assets, including the NOIA Platform landing page as well as the parent company website, positioning NOIA for success in the upcoming years.

The NOIA team is very excited to begin this six-month sprint, and we’re looking forward to reaching each milestone. As we progress, we want to keep the conversation going, so please join our Telegram or follow us on Twitter to stay tuned and contribute any comments or questions.

We also suggest that you follow our co-founders on Twitter as they’ll be sharing more details about our roadmap there.


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