Roadmap Update 10.22–11.05

Augustas Radziukas
Nov 5, 2020 · 4 min read

Welcome to the third roadmap update! That means that we are halfway through the first month of our six-month roadmap sprint. Everything is going smoothly, and we recently achieved our first major milestone. Let’s dive in..

Network Pre-Launch

The Syntropy marked the successful achievement of our first roadmap milestone. A large, distributed backbone infrastructure is a critical piece of the puzzle for our technology. It gives us clear visibility into the public Internet, enabling us to monitor and analyze its performance. The data that we receive will give our Distributed Autonomous Routing Protocol (DARP) a hefty edge when routing data packets around the world.

We’ve worked long and tirelessly to pre-launch this first network, but the results are worth it. We now have over 500 hundred high-performance nodes deployed in unique locations on practically every cloud or virtual server provider worldwide. That will allow us to route traffic through every possible path between every global cloud network, resulting in tens of thousands of unique paths.

This is the first step towards full network launch. We continue to strengthen our global backbone to allow for millions of additional routes. Eventually, we will place dedicated, bare-metal server nodes in every data centre in the world.

The critical part, however, will be in your hands. The current network enables us to figure out where your help is needed most. After we make sense of this data, you will be invited to help us build the network further and add high-performance nodes where demand is highest. For that, we will be announcing a new node program in the near future..

You can track the status of Syntropy through our .

Ambassador DARP Testing

We’re testing the new node program with our ambassadors right now. We recently invited several of our tech-savvy community members to run their own DARP pulseGroups to kickstart alpha testing.

Bill connected his DARP docker and pointed some of our instances to the group. He simulated a couple of “node operators” complete with simulated financial rewards for forwarding along a better network path. He also managed to reboot the network several times, modify the code for reloads, seed the DARP network with a couple of dozen Syntropy node locations, and randomly assign several hundred VMs from providers around the globe. Each time the network rebuilt itself and found new optimizations by relaying between nodes across the Internet.

So far, the testing is going better than expected. Bill will continue working with our ambassadors to chase down some bugs and prepare for an upcoming node program.

As usual, our developers are pushing out code relentlessly to prepare for the upcoming product launch. They managed to accomplish a lot in the past couple of weeks. Below is a brief list of their achievements. Progress continues to track our roadmap timeline.



  • Fixes & improvements to Kubernetes services discovery mechanism;
  • Multiple fixes to Wireguard configuration;
  • Added free port discovery functionality.


  • Traefik setup for logs management;
  • Traefik metrics ingestion to Prometheus;
  • Deployed jaeger to k8s cluster for distributed tracing;
  • Dozens of more servers deployed to set up our .

Networking Stack

  • Further implementation & improvements of a UDP load balancer.


  • Initial implementation of the Endpoint services discovery;
  • Improvements to accommodate to BI updates & speed up the SDN route creation;
  • Set up of a NATS streaming server to decouple processes from Controller;
  • Implementation of service connection subnets creation;
  • Implementation of service overlap identification;
  • Amendments to interface names to fit within the constraints;
  • Refactoring and cleanup of unused code.

Business Intelligence Module

  • Rewrote path calculation algorithm;
  • Significant improvements in overall scalability & path calculation speed;
  • NATS streaming service integration;
  • Topology building with the help of NATS streaming server;
  • Implementation of path caching on Redis.

Quality Assurance

  • Further implementation & improvements to QA Remote agent;
  • QA data collection in Elastic stack for further analysis;
  • Implementation of QAR packet marking & sniffing;
  • SDN path analysis.

Syntropy SDK

  • Implemented network & connection creation from .yaml files
  • Started to build an Ansible module.


User Interface

  • Endpoint & Connection removal improvements;
  • Network naming limitations & fixes to accommodate to case sensitive naming;
  • API Key naming limitations & validation;
  • Migration of multiple tables to MUI;
  • Implemented a mechanism to display the connection changes in case any endpoints are added or removed;
  • Quicksearch fixes;
  • Implementation of connection logs;
  • Connection count fixes.

Graphs & Analytics

  • Implementation of Semantic Zoom to make the use of Network graph more comfortable;
  • Revamp of hover/click behaviour in Network graph;
  • Fixes to saving non-connected endpoints in the network;
  • Implementation of network graph coordinates so that the graph always stays in the same state as the last time user left it;
  • Opaque overlays to emphasize the selected endpoint and its connections within a graph.

This is an exciting time at Syntropy. We advise that you monitor these updates regularly as they will consistently track our progress towards full launch. Be sure to follow us on , , or for a daily stream of updates. If you have questions, we are always on .


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