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Roadmap Update 12.17–01.07

Welcome to the first roadmap update of 2021. First things first, we want to thank our whole community for being with us throughout it all. You drive us. We also want to welcome our rapidly growing group of developers. You will be integral to Syntropy Stack, and we couldn’t be happier to have you on board.

Despite it being the holiday season, the whole team continued to work. Developers managed to put in a lot of work on Syntropy Stack and push out multiple releases. We worked hard on Syntropy Stack documentation, adding information and polishing it out. We opened our public repositories on GitHub, Pypi, Galaxy, and DockerHub. And, of course, we launched the Syntropy Stack for early access, marking yet another achievement of our roadmap sprint.

Syntropy Stack Early Access

The Syntropy Stack is a collection of tools and libraries to seamlessly create, automate, scale, and optimize encrypted connections between any device or service running on a cloud, on-premise, or edge locations. The Stack includes Syntropy Platform, but it doesn’t end with that. Developers can utilize Programmable APIs, SDKs, Network as Code implementations, and Terraform & Ansible modules and integrations.

Syntropy Stack allows building new applications which need to create secure VPN tunnels between internet-connected endpoints, without also needing to create the technology and networking layers behind it. Developers can use Syntropy to create modern VPN applications, platforms, and applications for secure communication and data transmission. Applications can finally create secure and optimized connections dynamically, both long and short-lived.

Existing applications built on the current public Internet will be compatible with Syntropy. That means most existing services and technologies can be ported to use our network, with encryption and performance automatically integrated into their connections. Syntropy Stack provides the tools and documentation for this process to occur.

But Syntropy Stack is even more than that, so make sure to check out our full announcement, and explore the possibilities yourself.

Visit the Syntropy Stack website, and if you are a developer, don’t hesitate and request early access. We look forward to seeing you on the other side of the Stack!

As always, below is a brief list of developers’ achievements over the last two weeks. Progress continues to track our roadmap timeline.



  • Overlapping logic moved to agent from the controller;
  • Implemented checking of interface addresses;
  • Reworked interface provision;
  • Included Agent_id.


  • Made Logrotate improvements;
  • Made alerting fixes and improvements;
  • Added logging to elasticsearch.

Networking Stack

  • Made UDP Load balancer improvements.

DARP (Distributed Autonomous Routing Protocol)

  • Developing and refining the autonomous routing across pulseGroups;
  • Working on filing the full patent application with our patent attorney.


  • Fixed duplicate heartbeat messages;
  • Reworked interface creation;
  • Improved user login and password reset flows.

Quality Assurance

  • Implemented controller version checks;
  • Improved QAR test execution;
  • Made load tests improvements.

Syntropy SDK

  • Split SDK into SDK, CLI, NaC packages;
  • Refactored Ansible package;
  • Added endpoints and their services export to YAML;
  • Go SDK regeneration and fixes.


User Interface

  • Implemented endpoint services removal;
  • Made Loader fixes;
  • Added no-content placeholders;
  • Improvements to dynamic agent fetching for filters;
  • Fixed connections services counter;
  • Added timeranges to logs datepicker;
  • Endpoint services are now auto refreshed;
  • Implemented video-based onboarding guide to activate users swiftly;
  • Multiple fixes in Logs;
  • Multiple design improvements & bugfixes.

Graphs & Analytics

  • Improved network Graph Zoom controls;
  • Implemented adaptive Graph zoom level, so that your network is always visible in full upon opening a network.

It’s been an exciting 2021 so far, but we have a lot more planned for the year ahead. We advise that you monitor these updates regularly as they will consistently track our progress towards full launch. Be sure to follow us on Medium, Twitter, Reddit or Facebook for a daily stream of updates. If you have questions, we are always on Telegram.




Syntropy is an open project providing next-generation connectivity technology for the Internet, powered by $NOIA ⚡️

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