Syntropy Awarded Second Foundational Patent On Tokenomics + Networking

Patents are an essential element in protecting the core technology and laying the foundation for the technology to be globally accepted and adopted.

Domas Povilauskas
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3 min readMay 5, 2022


With more than ten patents already filed, we continue building a solid legal foundation for our company, this time being granted a critical patent that combines tokenomics and networking to secure the future of Web3. This patent is essential to protecting the fundamental technology Syntropy has built that will modernize the internet and decentralize connectivity, putting the power back into the hands of the users and unleashing innovation across the industry.

Patent №11,316,789 titled, “System and Method for Selecting Data Routing Paths Having Reduced Latencies in a Distributed Computer Network,” enables Syntropy and the community to utilize the $NOIA token to power its patent-protected Distributed Autonomous Routing Protocol (DARP) technology to evolve the internet from Web2 to Web3. It brings together a foundational technology and a game-changing economic model for a paradigm shift that will underpin the immersive future everyone is dreaming about.

Find the patent on the United States Patent and Trademark Office website:,316,789

Revolutionary Technology + Game Changing Economic Model

Syntropy’s Distributed Autonomous Routing Protocol is the foundational technology for the realization of Web3 and the Metaverse. It is an intelligent, performance-based routing protocol based on blockchain that optimizes the movement of data across the fastest path. Unlike today’s antiquated 1980’s routing protocol that directs data to default pathways that might be riddled with congestion and latency, resulting in a suboptimal experience for the end user.

As DARP nodes relay data traffic across superior network paths, the node operator earns $NOIA tokens for their contribution. The $NOIA token is the “gas” that facilitates the optimized movement of data over the Syntropy DARP Network. $NOIA provides the financial incentives for this superior network to be created and operated by and for the end-user community. Using blockchain and smart contracts, all connections and data sent through the Syntropy DARP Network are accounted for, and any transactions for optimized routing are paid for in $NOIA tokens. Ultimately, this token represents the value derived from a high-performing network and its intrinsic value within the overall economy.

Dynamic Bandwidth Exchange

Syntropy’s first two patents and the additional patent filings secure the protection of the technology for the benefit of the community of developers, stakeholders of the Amber Chain, and participants in the bandwidth exchange.

The dynamic bandwidth exchange is made possible by the powerful combination of DARP and $NOIA. This exchange enables individuals and businesses to be “consumers” and “providers” of bandwidth. Anyone can participate depending on their internet connectivity needs or available bandwidth resources. Think of it as a performance-based sharing economy for the internet that is powered by $NOIA cryptocurrency.

With Syntropy, the concept of a “provider” of bandwidth is transformed and it expands beyond the traditional service providers we all know today — specifically the telecom and cable giants who dominate the movement of data across the internet. Through Syntropy’s Dynamic Bandwidth Exchange, anyone with excess bandwidth capacity can relay data across the internet using DARP and receive $NOIA tokens for providing the best-performing paths.

Anyone can be a “consumer” of the bandwidth exchange, including a business like Entain or a remote worker who is connecting into a virtualized workspace to meet with their team. The bandwidth exchange is open to anyone who needs high-performing connectivity across the internet.


Once again, I want to share my gratitude and appreciation for the amazingly talented team at Syntropy. Their hard work and dedication to our mission to modernize the internet and decentralize connectivity to enable a digitally immersive Web3 future is inspiring.

Bill Norton and Jonas Simanavicius are the co-inventors of this latest patent and keepers of the vision. There is tremendous power in combinations, not just in technological combinations like DARP + blockchain + $NOIA, but in the combination of brilliant minds + creative teams. Syntropy is igniting the paradigm shift to Web3, arming the community with the tech and an economic incentive model that will fuel what’s possible.

If you want to learn more about the important role patents play and how they support our mission, I invite you to read my Medium article from March 2022.