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Syntropy in December: Rebrand, Azure, Case Studies and more

Already two weeks into 2021, we want to provide a quick summary of December’s progress, as there were several important events to remember.

Here’s what happened last month:

  • NOIA Network became Syntropy, pushing us from a niche technology startup into a global, mission-driven organization.
  • Microsoft added Syntropy Stack to the Azure Marketplace, a hand-picked collection of certified apps and services that can be deployed seamlessly to any client.
  • Crypto Banter interviewed our CTO, Jonas Simanavicius, who explained Syntropy and discussed several use cases.
  • Our developers worked hard to finalize Syntropy Stack, which launched January 5.
  • We revealed hundreds of new optimizations.
  • We released two roadmap updates, keeping up with the progress of our six-month roadmap sprint.

NOIA Network becomes Syntropy

Known as NOIA Network for nearly three years, the timing is perfect to re-align the brand with our expanded vision, evolving from a niche technology startup into a global, mission-driven organization.

Meet Syntropy.

If you want to learn more about the profound fundamentals behind our new brand identity, make sure to check out this article.

We cannot be more thankful to have such a large, tech-savvy, and dedicated community that supported us under the NOIA Network brand. The new chapter is here, and we are taking you with us.

Syntropy is now on Azure Marketplace

Our business development team is working hard to secure placements on every major cloud marketplace. Adding Syntropy integrations to those platforms will facilitate access for their users and drive mainstream adoption.

In December, Microsoft added Syntropy (formerly the NOIA Platform) to the Azure Marketplace, making it accessible to millions of cloud users worldwide. Ensuring smooth user experience and removing friction is where we put a lot of our attention.

Setting up integrations not only taps into large user-bases of existing platforms but allows for a smooth user onboarding and improves their workflows. We will continue pushing our tech onto more cloud marketplaces.

Our CTO appeared on Crypto Banter’s Podcast

We understand the importance of being recognized in the crypto community along with educating people on token utility. We are always keen to appear on large crypto community channels for extra exposure of $NOIA.

Last month, our CTO Jonas Simanavicius appeared on Crypto Banter’s Podcast, where he spoke about Syntropy, discussed NOIA token utility, and reviewed possible use cases of our technology. It’s a must-watch interview.

Pre-launch Case Studies

Throughout December, we completed additional network tests. The findings exceeded our expectations. In one case, we found that optimizations can occur even within the borders of one country. It’s a valuable proof that Syntropy can route around congestion, not just optimize for geographical considerations.

This particular example reveals real-time congestion that users might face regularly, or at least intermittently — yet another very tangible and high-demand use-case for our technology.

Another case study by Jonas revealed that large cloud providers try to optimize their infrastructure, but they can’t without global intelligence. Once you are out of a single provider’s network, you’re in the wild of public Internet networks.

Thankfully, Syntropy optimizations occur everywhere across the public internet. By adopting our tech, large cloud providers can optimize their infrastructure not only for content and software providers, but for end users as well.

Last month showed us that we don’t even need to carry out tests to see that the Internet is struggling. Even giants like Google, Telegram and Binance experienced network outages, which could have been mitigated by our global network intelligence.

In recent weeks, many people experienced disturbances and were unable to use several internet services. This keeps us motivated as the number of potential use cases for our technology continues to increase.

Roadmap updates

In December, we released two Roadmap updates covering developer progress. If you didn’t read them yet, make sure to check them out.

Thank you for supporting us throughout the year 2020. We have a lot planned for the year ahead, and we are excited to share it all with you. See you in the next monthly update!




Syntropy is an open project providing next-generation connectivity technology for the Internet, powered by $NOIA ⚡️

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