Syntropy Stack + Minecraft: Gaming Integration

Spin-up a Syntropy+Minecraft experience in minutes, with more features to come.

Jonas Simanavicius
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2 min readJan 25, 2021


There are countless use cases for Syntropy Stack. With Syntropy Builders now live, these potential applications are becoming reality. We’ll be highlighting exciting projects as they’re built, starting with a Minecraft integration that connects our software with 600 million potential users.

Syntropy offers gamers two advantages.

First, gamer data is secure at the source. This protects everyday users, but also improves the experience of large, multi-million dollar tournaments which are vulnerable to DDoS attacks, malware, and data extortion.

Second, performance is optimized for all participants. Syntropy minimizes packet loss, reduces latency, and stabilizes connections even with dozens of players connected across several continents.

Minecraft has one of the largest gaming communities in the world, and it is now the first to achieve a Syntropy integration via a Discord bot that automates most of the process.

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Watch a live demo of Minecraft+Syntropy in action.

The entire process is detailed above, from start to finish using the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, which offers easy access to Syntropy Stack.

A linux-based integration is available now, with Windows compatibility arriving shortly. The final result will be a seamless ability for all Minecraft gamers to use Syntropy in a few clicks.

Optimize and secure your gaming experience in minutes with Syntropy.

This isn’t the only Syntropy integration in development. More than 15+ projects are now active on our Builders program, with $1 million in initial incentives.

More tools and features for the Minecraft universe will be added soon. Other gaming universes will follow. We look forward to highlighting more progress as the program grows.

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