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Syntropy VPN Launches Today

You deploy the infrastructure. You own your data.

Every time you connect to the public Internet, you expose yourself to risk. It’s hard to control. At Syntropy, we’re gradually giving control back to you, the user. Syntropy VPN is another step forward in this effort — a personal, private VPN that puts you in charge.

Traditional VPNs add an encryption overlay on top of the public Internet, but there are some drawbacks.

  • VPNs often compromise connection performance.
  • The exact encryption method isn’t always known to users.
  • Some VPN providers log, sell, and exploit your data.

Ultimately, when you use commercial VPN solutions, you trust them with your privacy. You also trust them with your connection performance, as you have little control over the servers that relay your traffic.

We want our community to take control of their privacy. That’s what Syntropy VPN achieves.

With Syntropy VPN, you can easily deploy and fully control private VPN infrastructure in any location worldwide. All connections you make will be fully encrypted with Wireguard, the fastest and most modern VPN protocol today. You can surf the web without compromising performance or privacy.

Click here to set up your personal Syntropy VPN.

Millions of VPN users around the world opt for third-party services because establishing a private setup can be complex. Syntropy VPN directly addresses this challenge. With our tutorials and user-friendly interfaces, even non-developers can be up and running in no time.

Moving forward, we will publish more and more tutorials, teaching you how to set up a private VPN in different situations or on various providers. We’re building a knowledge base that brings you through the technical aspects of running your VPN, as well as educating you about privacy on the Internet.

The ultimate goal is to give privacy and security back to the users themselves. You shouldn’t need to jump through hoops or trust external providers with your data. Syntropy VPN puts you back in control immediately.

Get started

We’ve published the first few tutorials that will lead you through the setup process step by step. These instructions are easy to understand, whether you’re a beginner or seasoned developer.

  • Find the general tutorial outlining the steps to establish VPN connections on the Syntropy Stack platform here.
  • Find the Microsoft Azure specific tutorial outlining the steps to deploy a Syntropy Agent here.
  • Find the tutorial to set up a VPN server on any provider using Docker here (for more experienced users).

Questions? Let us know on our Discord, where we have a dedicated channel for VPN support.

Contribute to a better Internet for all

Are you a developer? We invite you to help your less technical peers unlock the benefits of Syntropy VPN. Syntropy VPN will be a part of the Syntropy Builders program, meaning you can write tutorials and build integrations on Syntropy VPN, earning NOIA tokens for your efforts.

We expect the most challenging part for most people to be the Syntropy Agent deployment. Therefore, we’ll produce additional tutorials specific to every major cloud and server provider. Find the initial list here.

Ready to contribute? Just shoot us a message on the Syntropy Builders channel on Discord. Let’s talk!




Syntropy is an open project providing next-generation connectivity technology for the Internet, powered by $NOIA ⚡️

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