Syntropy Windows Application Launches Today

Another step forward in becoming the Internet’s blockchain, making all connectivity fast, secure, and resilient by default.

Jonas Simanavicius
May 21 · 3 min read

Today we’re excited to announce the completion of another tech milestone: the launch of the Syntropy Windows Application. This application allows any Windows device to connect with a network deployed by Syntropy Stack.

Developer users can use the Syntropy Windows Application in a myriad of ways. They can connect a Windows machine to a private network and securely access files or other resources remotely. Or they can deploy a network for a smart home setup and control it from their Windows device.

Imagination is truly the limit here. Everything you connect with Syntropy Stack can now connect to Windows devices.

For non-developer users, the Syntropy Windows Application introduces some exciting opportunities, as it makes it easier than ever to use our technology. The two use cases below are now accessible to everyone.

Syntropy VPN

Connecting to your private VPN just got much easier. Previously, to connect to your private VPN, we asked you to use the Wireguard application and create a virtual endpoint in Syntropy Stack. Now, it’s just a matter of adding endpoints and clicking connect from a Windows machine.

  • Simply generate an API key from the Syntropy Stack user interface and add it to the application.
  • You will see all services/endpoints connected to your network appear in Syntropy Application UI.
  • Select your proxy server and connect to it with a click of a button.
  • That’s it!

We are committed to creating a smooth and simplified user experience even for the least technical users so that everyone can deploy and connect to private VPNs, taking back control of their privacy. This is yet another step in that direction.

Syntropy Gaming

With the Syntropy Windows Application, you can now easily connect to any Syntropy supported gaming server. The first opportunity to do that will be our upcoming Syntropy CS:GO Tournament, where players will connect to DatHost’s dedicated gaming servers with Syntropy Agent deployed on them.

All tournament participants will receive an API key through a Discord bot and will simply embed it into the Syntropy Application and connect to a gaming server with a click of a button. This will be the first large-scale test of this underlying piece of our technology. In the future, we plan to deploy Syntropy-enabled gaming servers, where our gaming community can play and explore the benefits of Syntropy connections.

The Internet needs a blockchain

VPNs and gaming are just the beginning. Decentralized networks and apps are flourishing, but they all still connect via the public Internet, which doesn’t have its own blockchain. We need to address this.

Syntropy is the Internet’s blockchain. It allows decentralized apps and services to truly be decentralized. The Internet needs a blockchain not because the current Internet is terrible, but because it must evolve to meet the world’s future needs. If we want always-on networks and apps, we need always-on connectivity.

Our ultimate goal at Syntropy is to have our decentralized future powered by decentralized connectivity. Today’s launch represents another important step in that direction.


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