History has always proven that no ferocity can match ferocity that comes with hate and power. Syria is not an exception, it’s an even perfect proof. As the conflict reaches it’s fourth year, there is no imaginable kind of crime that has not been committed by those who have power and regime, not after the story I’m telling here.

Waseem Abu Zenah (arms-open in the cover photo) is almost graduate from Faculty of Information Technology Engineering at Damascus University. What does that “almost” mean? let me tell you.

When he had passed all exams and his graduation document was ready, he asked his cousin, who studies at the same faculty, to bring it on his behalf. She did try to do so but the faculty staff told her that he must come in person. Next day Waseem himself came on their demand, they told him to return in an hour and it will be ready. When he returned, he found nothing but armed security men who captured him and led him to a nearby security and detention center.

The exact reason is not known till now. Waseem didn’t have any political activity neither in land nor on the web, he has always promoted peace and co-living and hoped the conflict to end, and was loved by both pro-regime and anti-regime people. In fact, the majority if not all of his family and extended family are pro-regimes, there was no reasonable cause for the arrest, except for one.

Waseem had conflicts with two Shabiha students. While the reasons were diverse, both students are tightly connected to powerful people in the regime, both of them can submit reports that can cause arrest, both of them had security power in the faculty and, most importantly, both of them hated him so much. It’s almost certain that one of them is the reason behind Waseem’s arrest and its consequences.

The arrest happened on December 4th, 2013. None of Waseem’s family had connections powerful enough to get him out of there, the reports for which he was arrested seem to be very overwhelming and people behind it were much more powerful. And for more than 4 months Waseem remained detained in a place where his family couldn’t see or talk to him, people are tortured daily, food is delivered in few amounts, large numbers of people are amassed in relatively very small rooms, and where diseases can easily spread. Eventually, Waseem passed away due to untreated Hepatitis four days ago.

Waseem was arrested when he was going to get his graduation document, a thing that culminates 17 years of study and makes his family and him feel matchless happiness. However, they couldn’t celebrate thanks to the hatreds of those who have dishonestly delivered false reports that led to his arrest.

A photo of Waseem that he favorites.

A great man, he has always readily helped his classmates and faculty students. There is no student in the faculty of Information Technology Engineering who haven’t benefit from Waseem’s publications, notes and direct help, none. Even those two students who hate him did get much help from him either directly or indirectly.

Since Social Media is a relatively new field in Syria, few are those who gained SM Marketing experience, and Waseem Abu Zenah is the leading Social Media Marketing figure in Syria. He has key founding and marketing roles in many popular websites and Facebook Pages (Facebook is the Social Network every Syrian uses) including Alrakameiat, Laughing Like a Boss, Syrian Programmers and others, along with +8000 followers for his personal Facebook account, which is no longer available. If you have Syrian friends on Facebook, they must have seen many posts mourning him.

After graduation, Waseem continued studying to get master degree in Web Science. And after leaving job at Alrakameiat, he has been preparing to launch his own startup. He also fell in love with a girl and was going to engage her. This is the future he was planning for himself, and which is undone. This is how promising brains are assassinated in Syria.

Syrian Conflict

Stories related to the conflict in Syria. 

    Tamer Shlash

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    Web Developer and FOSS enthusiast.

    Syrian Conflict

    Stories related to the conflict in Syria. 

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