Linux Mint 18 Cinnamon Installation and Overview

Linux Mint 18 Cinnamon

This is how to install Linux Mint 18 Sarah on VMware Workstation video tutorial. It can be also used for installing Linux Mint 18 on phyical PC or hardware. We will also install Open-VM-Tools (Open VMware Tools) for Linux Mint 18.

What is Linux Mint?
Linux Mint is derived from Ubuntu Linux and is squarely aimed at the home user. Ease of use is first and foremost. You can play your music and movies right away, you don’t need to install anything extra for that. You can install Linux Mint as many times as you want, on as many computers as you want. Linux Mint and Ubuntu are closely related. Although they were very similar at first, Ubuntu and Linux Mint have become increasingly different Linux distributions over time.
Linux Mint Website:

Note: This tutorial originally appeared on Linux Video Tutorials.

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