[Reverse Engineering] Cracking Alien Technology

We’ll be facing an alien binary this time. Level 2 alien technology, to be precise. Found on ruins of an ancient alien civilization.

You can download the binary using this link and follow along:

Let’s jump right into it!

Taking a quick look at the code-flow in the main function we can see there is a direct comparison between two strings (using the strcmp function) and there’s no much more logic into it.

Running the binary using ltrace shows the exact value of the strings being compared.

In the following screenshot, you can see my input was just a bunch of “a” and the other string that is being used is the password that will give us access to all ancient alien secrets!

me, right now

From there we can copy the string and crack the binary.

That’s it!


Shellcode for the masses

Syscall59 — by Alan Vivona

Written by

Twitter: @syscall59 | medium.syscall59.com | syscall59@protonmail.com



Shellcode for the masses

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