Installing ArgoCD CLI and Adding Cluster

Hello everyone! You can review my last article to have more information about Argo CD. Also, link on the below[1]. In this article, I will show you how to install ArgoCD CLI on a Linux machine. Then we gonna add a cluster to Argo CD.

Download the latest version using curl command the below:

# curl -sSL -o /usr/local/bin/argocd chmod +x /usr/local/bin/argocd

Make it executable:

# chmod +x /usr/local/bin/argocd

We are now able to manage Argo CD from the command line. Now we can do a login attempt.

# argocd login argocd-gitops-server.gitops.apps.cluster.example WARNING: server certificate had error: x509: certificate is valid for argocd-gitops, argocd-gitops-grpc, argocd.gitops.svc.cluster.lokal, not argocd-gitops-server.gitops.apps.cluster.example Proceed insecurely (y/n)? # y
Username: admin
‘admin’ logged in successfully
Context ‘argocd-gitops-server.gitops.apps.cluster.example’ updated

After logging in, I run the following command to list my current clusters.

# argocd cluster list                                            SERVER                         NAME   VERSION   STATUS     MESSAGE
https://kubernetes.default.svc Successful

Now I add my cluster. Firstly, I log in to the Openshift environment with the “oc login” command.

# oc login -u kubeadmin https://api.example.apps.ayca:443

We can add a cluster now.

# argocd cluster add default/api.example.apps.ayca:443/kube:admin INFO[0000] ServiceAccount “argocd-manager” already exists in namespace “kube-system”
INFO[0001] ClusterRole “argocd-manager-role” updated
INFO[0001] ClusterRoleBinding “argocd-manager-role-binding” updated
Cluster ‘https://api.example.apps.ayca:443' added

Now, we can check the cluster list again.

# argocd cluster list                                           SERVER                            NAME  VERSION   STATUS     MESSAGE
https://kubernetes.default.svc https://api.example.apps.ayca:443 Unknown Cluster has no application and not being monitored.

It is all done! See you next time.

Also, Argo CD has an excellent document. It is very clear and useful. Link on the below.





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