T-Day and Beyond
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T-Day and Beyond

Trans Journey Day 177: What if a mind and body got stuck between two dimensions and then, I happened? It makes weird sense, at least to me.

I recorded an episode of The Character Collective Podcast today and we somehow slipped into a discussion of dimensions. We queried if our characters were simply existing on other planes or dimensions and we are weirdos who can communicate across that divide.

Well, what if in my creation of body and mind, I developed across different dimensions? What if in one dimension, I was male, another, I was female, another, I was intersex, another I was, something else? What if my mind is in a body…

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🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈(They/Them) LGBTQ2SIA+ WRITER (romance & para sci-fi/fantasy). Space nerd🚀 Neurodivergent🧠 On a journey of words and self-discovery. Come play!