T-Day and Beyond
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T-Day and Beyond

Trans Journey Day 191: Failed planning has sent me back to the drawing board. Again! It’s a good thing though.

So the first 10 days of the quarter have not been very ‘successful’. By successful, I mean, I haven’t been doing the things I planned. But, it has been VERY successful in showing me that clearly, I’m still trying to do more than I can.

Do what I CAN, not what I think I should.

So, I did another brain dump today in three areas: Interests, Medium Publications, and commitments (to self — as in this journal and Queerly Trans).



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🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈(They/Them) LGBTQ2SIA+ WRITER (romance & para sci-fi/fantasy). Space nerd🚀 Neurodivergent🧠 On a journey of words and self-discovery. Come play!